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Band: Eden's Curse
Album: Eden's Curse
Release date: 2007

01. Book Of Life...
02. Judgement Day
03. Eyes Of The World
04. Stronger Than The Flame
05. The Voice Inside
06. After The Love Is Gone
07. Fly Away
08. What Are You Waiting For
09. Eden's Curse
10. Don't Bring Me Down
11. Heaven Touch Me
12. The Bruce (Intro)
13. Fallen King
14. We All Die Young

If you're looking for a cool refreshing album of Melodic Hard Rock, I think that I have something for you. Formed byifferent members of some Europeans bands (Cry Havoc (Paul Logue), Steve Grimmet Band (Pete Newdeck), Demon Drive/Attack (Thorsten Koehne) and Rough Silk/Axel Rudi Pell (Ferdy Doernberg) plus the singer Michael Eden) Eden's Curse is a nice surprise for me. No doubt that their first album "Eden's Curse" will become a must in this musical category.

Eden's Curse plays a cool Hard Rock and all the songs of the debut album of the combo are hyper catchy. It's super melodic of course and flirts with Hard FM a la Shakra or Bon Jovi but here, I don't know why, there is something more. First Thorsten Koehne is just an incredible guitarist who is able to play some amazing guitars soli (just listen to the solo of "Fly Away" and you'll believe that you're listening to Nevermore), but also Michael Eden (who is an unknown singer for me by the way) is perfect in his role! His voice is a bit hoarsy but really emotive too and his charisma give a lot of energy to the music of Eden's Curse. Believe me, in the style, "Eden's Curse" is an amazing first album and I'm quite sure that we will hear a lot of good words about this band.

The production of the album is perfect, only the cover is a bit strange for an album of Melodic Hard Rock but all in all, "Eden's Curse" is a great album and seriously I don't have anything to say against it. The album is varied with fast complex songs like ballads and of course, it's full of hits. Why do you want to look after something else? "Eden's Curse" is for you and you'll not have to miss it!

If you're a fan of classy (technical) Melodic Hard rock, don't miss the first album of Eden's Curse, it's a must. I like this kind of music and I can tell you that this release is at the top of the list so don't wait anymore and buy this release. Let's hope now that the band will be able to confirm these feelings as soon as possible and that the members will be able to play together live, it will rock!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 09.08.2007



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10.08.2007 - 06:10
I totally agree with the review. It's a very strong debut, but not perfect. As catchy and melodic as the songs were - the problem was that they were too catchy. Virtually every song repeats the chorus 4-6 times making them sound repetative and long. They also opted for a very formulaic song writing approach, predictable and safe, but understandable for a debut. I would hope in the future, they experiment with more variety and variation in style, similar to what PINK CREAM 69 does.

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