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Band: Oomph!
Album: GlaubeLiebeTod
Release date: March 2006

01. Gott ist ein Popstar
02. Das letzte Streichholz
03. Träumst Du
04. Die Schlinge [feat. Apocalyptica]
05. Du willst es doch auch
06. Eine Frau spricht im Schlaf
07. Mein Schatz
08. Dreh dich nicht um
09. Land In Sicht
10. Tanz In den Tod
11. Ich will deine Seele
12. Zuviel Liebe kann dich töten
13. Wenn du mich lässt [digipack bonus]
14. Menschsein [digipack bonus]
+ Video: Gott ist ein Popstar

Ok then. Oomph! the band with the exclamation mark. I'm almost guilty to admit that I rather like this band, even their EBM early days let alone their industrial metal phase. It's also rather unfair to now label them a rock band, but heavy rock/light metal can be a fine line so I'm still going to submit a review of this album and see what happens.

Firstly the album is entirely in German (huzzah!) and quite rightly so, it's a damned fine language to sing in. The album starts with 'Gott ist ein Popstar' and as expected this single is particularly 'poppish' and catchy which has put far too many people off. BUT it's electronic metal/rock - it should be catchy! I mean really - listen to some of Rammstein's singles and tell me with a straight face they aren't. Throughout the album there are sprinkled some jumpy riffs that should make any metalhead a bit nervous for liking. Next up is the weakest track in my opinion 'Das letze Streicholz'. I just think it's too simplistic, repetitive and just dull. In fact that's the main weakness with this album - there are a few tracks that just seem to drag on without going anywhere. Tracks such as 'Du willst es doch auch' for example. These tracks aren't many in number, and only one track on the album is over 4 minutes long, but as a whole "GlaubeLiebeTod" seems to plod along a bit at times.

However there are some gems on this album, principally 'Die Schlinge' featuring cello gods Appocalyptica. As a moderately paced song it is frankly wonderful, as is the video (youtube it NOW), with a memorable chorus and as usual the vocals are just perfect. There is something about Dero's vocals that just work for Oomph! particularly on the slower tracks such as 'Eine Frau spricht im Schlaf' which starts as a beautifully whispered ballad before gradually getting under your skin with some addictive synth work. Another highlight is 'Mein Schatz', an example of a heavier Oomph! track which must work really well live.

So yes, compared with some of the earlier Oomph! releases perhaps "GlaubeLiebeTod" is a bit too prolonged, but there are some great songs on here if you want something to drive along to, wake up to or even just try and look 'badass' in the mirror whilst attempting some German. What the hell, they're fun and if they could just let go a bit and do something unashamedly bombastic they could produce a killer album.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 9

Written by velvet | 09.09.2007


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12.09.2007 - 20:03
Yeah this is a decent album. Have only heard the first 8 tracks, but I like most of them...especially 'Gott Ist Ein Popstar': funny lyrics and great music. Nice review as well

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12.09.2007 - 20:48
Nice review indeed! Quite refreshing to read a guest review for a change which isn't going over the top, but is relatively unbiased instead, and I agree with most of it. I just wouldn't call "Mein Schatz" a highlight, as I find it rather annoying, but that might just be me as that song's chorus used to play every goddamn time one attempted visiting their site; also if I'm in need for some heavy Oomph! I still got the stuff they've released in the mid-90's. "Die Schlinge" might be good, but the participation of Apocalyptica (who've experienced a similar demise in the course of their career) was obviously just for the sake of name-dropping while they didn't really contribute anything. Overall I think this album got more fillers than their others with "Eine Frau spricht im Schlaf" and "Ich will deine Seele" being the most notable standouts. So yeah, the album is decent, but nothing more.
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13.09.2007 - 15:11
I see what you mean about 'Die Schlinge' and to be honest until I saw the video I didn't realise they were involved (but I love the song and thus tend to overemphasise it). Oh, and thanks for first comment on my first review, I was expecting something horrendousely negative, so ta!
09.03.2009 - 04:04
This is one of my favorite albums. I love the way the songs sound, just like a movie song. Really catchy, and I never get tired of it...
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