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Band: Seven Witches
Album: Years Of The Witch
Release date: 2007

01. Intro
02. Dance With The Dead
03. Apocalyptic Dreams
04. Metal Tyrant
05. The Answer
06. Johnny
07. Jam Session
08. Can't Find My Way
09. Incubus
10. Metal Asylum
11. Warmth Of The Winter
12. Camelot
13. Natures Wrath
14. Cries Of The Living
15. Passage To The Other Side
16. Mental Messiah

What's happening here? Why did they have to release a monster like that? Seven Witches is an excellent band of American Heavy Metal and I can tell you that they're great live but damn, why did Locomotive Records and the band chose to release this DVD? I still don't understand but it's a shame to release a DVD which looks and sounds like a bootleg… I still don't understand and unfortunately I don't have any answers…

Amateurism, yes this is the perfect word to describe this release. Of course I'm not talking about the band which proves through the images that they're a great band live but shit, who is the producer and director of this concert recording? The images move a lot and some of the zooms are unsure (like if the cameramen were not so sure of themselves) and are strangely mixed (you can have a musician in the background near of the drum and in the foreground on the next shot…). The video is not good at all and even the quality of the images is not bad but not perfect at all and a bit blurry sometime. Well, it could be ok if the sound was good but unfortunately, this is one of the worst live recordings that I had to listen to lately. To sum up, this official DVD is more like a good bootleg than anything else and Seven Witches (and their fans…) doesn't deserve something like that.

Except the terrible production, I have to say that the concert seemed to be good. The guys gave the best of them but only played songs which were written before "Amped" (normal, it was recorded before the release date of this CD and then it looks a bit out of date when you think about it…). The bonuses are a bit anecdotic and well, you'll not learn anything so special… To sum up you'll not miss anything if you don't buy this DVD…

"Years Of The Witch" is a terrible deception and only deserve an average rating in reason of the performance of the band and quality of their compositions. Too bad for the fans, it's sad but this DVD is not good and you'll have to pass your way. Let's hope that Seven Witches will be able to release something better soon, maybe that they should try to go in Poland and some people there know how to release good DVD.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 3

Written by Jeff | 24.08.2007



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27.08.2007 - 19:11
I'm glad I read this review, I've been thinking of picking this up on amazon, but had heard nothing of it before now. I think I'll avoid it, thanks for saving me the cash Jeff.
27.07.2009 - 03:43
LeChron James
Damn that sounds awful. i think you have to try to produce a dvd that awful sounding. it doesnt happen by accident.
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27.07.2009 - 10:57
I want James Rivera or Wade Black back....I hate Tecchio, I can't imagine him doing Mental Messiah...ugh
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29.10.2012 - 21:44
Never new production can be that low

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