Dogpound - III review


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Band: Dogpound
Album: III
Release date: September 2007

01. My Own Sin
02. Glass Jar
03. Born A Winner
04. Human Hologram
05. Dead And Gone
06. Not Welcome Here
07. Blind
08. One
09. Other Way Around
10. In A Life
11. Away From Me
12. Undivided
13. You And Me
14. Rain Must Fall

Dogpound, strange name but amazing music. "III" is the third album from this Swedish heavy metal/melodic rock group, and if you are a sucker for catchy hooks then I guarantee this album will not be out of your CD player for a lengthy amount of time.

If you like good, catchy, melodic, rocking metal then this is your sort of thing. This is one of the most likeable albums I have listened to in a long long time, you cannot not like it. The album is infectious hook after infectious hook, heavy seven-string guitar riffs that carry a large dosage of attitude, "Human Hologram", "Away From Me" and "Blind" are the best examples of this, the latter probably being the best track on an album with its long, stomping chorus along with the groove-ish guitar riffing. The band have slower songs as well as the good rockers of the album, "Not Welcome Here" for example, also "Rain Must Fall" the last track on the album closes the hour long album on a nice note with an all vocal and piano ballad type song.

Pretty much every track on this album is as memorable as anything I have heard, each song is its own, they all have their own catchy melody. Dogpound are proof that a modern heavy metal band can produce such quality without the aid of a second bass drum, keepings things like this is a good modern flashback of the hard rock bands of the 70's and 80's.

There is really not much to complain about at all, the album lasts more or less four minutes over an hour, which may be a little long in the eyes of some people. Even the last quarter of the album is packed with great great songs but when you get to that point you might be in somewhat of a fantastic song/catchy song overload so the length of the album may cause your attention to start to wander, but this does not mean the quality of the music reduces.

Everything about the album has had a good job done on it, the production sounds great, especially with the stomping bass drum, guitars and vocals. Singer "Hea" does a sterling job with his vocals, he has a good range sounding very strong and rock 'n' roll, "Rain Must Fall" being the polar opposite just proves the point about range. It is this guy's singing is what brings out the potential of this band, it is his vocals that make the songs as catchy as they are.

Overall this is an album of constant top-notch, rocking quality. If you like your rock both hard and melodic, and your metal catchy and memorable then you cannot afford to miss this album, you will be hooked like you haven't been in a long time.


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17.09.2007 - 18:58
Seems interesting. I will suggest to read their biog. in their website , it is quite interesting and unusual at the same time
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17.09.2007 - 19:34
Ilham Cotterell
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Goal achieved, Barry... I want to hear this album now. Good review.
18.09.2007 - 07:49
I'll second that, sounds very promising. I have plenty of thrash-revivals lying around, this is a very welcomed change
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19.09.2007 - 03:04
If you like good, catchy, melodic, rocking metal then this is your sort of thing = Instantly though of Freak Kitchen when I read that... gotta try it out.

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