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Heaven And Hell - Live At Radio City Music Hall review


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Band: Heaven And Hell
Album: Live At Radio City Music Hall
Release date: August 2007

Disc I
01. E5150/After All (The Dead)
02. The Mob Rules
03. Children Of The Sea
04. Lady Evil
05. I
06. The Sign Of The Southern Cross
07. Voodoo
08. The Devil Cried

Disc II
01. Computer God
02. Falling Off The Edge Of The World
03. Shadow Of The Wind
04. Die Young
05. Heaven And Hell
06. Lonely Is The Word
07. Neon Knights

If you must buy one Live album this year, don't look further, you're just in front of it! "Live at Radio City Music Hall" was recorded at the legendary Radio City Music Hall of New York during the last Heaven & Hell's tour and I can already tell you that it's THE live of the year 2007 (and probably one of the best Live Album of the last 15 years). If you still don't know who they are (I hope that you're not a lot in that case), Heaven & Hell is the meeting of Dio and Black Sabbath (with however Vinny Appice for the drums). They have evidently chosen this name to play live again together in reason of the Black Sabbath's album, "Heaven & Hell", released in 1980 when Ronnie James Dio was the singer of the band. By luck the band and their label even got the idea to record it only for you and damn the result is just exceptional. This is a must!

"Live at Radio City Music Hall", this is two hours of killing music but you must know that the band only plays (and that's logical) songs of the three albums recorded with Dio plus two new original songs "The Devil Creed" and "The Shadow Of The Wind". Even if the members of the band didn't play together since a long time, I can tell you that their performance on stage is just amazing. Of course, this is not so surprising when you have a look on the names of the line-up but still, this live album is a real slap in your face. So the songs are well performed but for sure the three albums of Black Sabbath with Dio are excellent, you'll not be disapointed by the excellent track list if you just like Meta land of course, it's great to listen to again more than 25 years later some great powerful songs of Heavy Metal like "Neon Knights" or "The Mob Rules" like some other ones a bit more doomy "E5150/After All (The Dead)". Even the new songs rock so I really hope that the guys will find some free time to record an album under this name. It's classy as hell Dio and Iommi are real gods of Metal... what can I add anymore? This live album features some of the best Metal songs ever written with four of the best musicians of the whole scene. It's just orgasmic…

The production of the album is perfect, the crowd sings with the band during the whole concert Dio is a the top of his form (and that's the same for the other guys by the way) so even if I didn't have the chance to watch yet the video recording of this concert (released on a DVD) I know at least that the sound is perfect (and I believe that it's the same with the images…). Even the cover is sober but classy as hell, like the music and the guys of Heaven and Hell.

"Live at Radio City Music Hall" is the live of the year 2007 and probably more… if you don't believe me, buy this double CD or the DVD and you'll understand what I mean and if you're European, run to your concert tickets shop because the band will be here soon and trust me if you see them live, you'll learn what's real great Metal! I have no words anymore hail to Heaven & Hell, and if you're looking for the answer, don't be a fool… this is Heaven & Hell!!!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Production: 10

Written by Jeff | 20.09.2007



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20.09.2007 - 14:46
Freaky Admin

PS: Sorry for this comment but ARRGGGG !!!!
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20.09.2007 - 16:08
Retired Staff
wow, a rating of 9.8 and the only 'downer' in the rating is an eight for originality? (and who cares for originality when it's either a legendary band or a live album? here it's both)

i think i have to hear this
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20.09.2007 - 18:30
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
well, for me Black Sabbath with Dio are never able to score OVER an 8.5. Especially when they play another overly long rendition of that boring song called Heaven and Hell.

I would rate this an 8.5 cause the performance is flawless, but unfortunately the Dio period of Blck Sabbath is IMO the most overrated period in their career
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20.09.2007 - 22:32
hi-fi / lo-life
i totally disagree, i think the performance is really pathetic and the musicians are starting to show their age. I think a lot of people have their idol goggles on when listening to stuff released by Black Sabbath and Dio but this release is just really mediocre.
21.09.2007 - 03:00
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
well, when I saw them live earlier this year they were amazing (not to mention the heaviest show ive ever seen). So if this album is half as good as that performance it definitly deserves a 9.8, and I will definitly be picking this up.
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21.09.2007 - 11:22
Account deleted
I saw them live. It was one of the best experiences of my arguably short life.

But I passively agree with jup here. These guys are great in a concert setting but recorded their age really shows. Not only that but the production is very weak, failing to capture the power I saw in March.

However, I respectfully disagree with Marcel, as I believe the Dio years of Black Sabbath to be the best.
25.09.2007 - 12:06
I saw them live and i posses the Box set with the DVD and the 2 live cd's so i can form a good oppinion on this on.

This is one of the most legendary line ups in metal history (second only to the ozzy line up). This is a must buy if you are a real metal head. I dont think the DIO Years are overrated like said above. The songs with DIO are very powerfull and derserve respect, this cannot be overrated. The extended version of the song "Heaven And Hell" could not be performed better and is really amazing. So are the others songs as well. The new songs shows that the power of craftmanship between the musicians is still there as always was.

I cant believe want im reading above about "the age" of the musicians. I get a bit angry about those comments. What has age to do with the greatnes and the power of their music? Dont ever forget those guys started the whole Heavy Metal culture.
They are still as good as they were years ago and posses the same power on stage they give the people in the crowd. Dio is acctually very intteractive with the crowd and Iommi was never a wildboy on stage. That's just his style he stand like an Iron man and thats what his music brings forth.

Is it neccasary to jump around on stage and headbang like an animal? If thats the case go see some others "lesser"bands.

Black Sabbath dont need that. To see them play and stand on the stage is enough and you can only have respect and are a lucky bastard to have the oppertunity and the change to witness this.....because some day they will be gone and the next generation can only guess how a black sabbath concert would "feel" live.
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11.09.2008 - 20:36
Well, I think this is a great live album, considering the age of this band. Dio sounds like he is finally losing his voice but he still sounds good, in a sort of different way. This rest of the band sounds great as well. I got to see em live a couple weeks ago along side Judas Priest, Moterhead, and Testament, Heaven and Hell flat out rocked the place.

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