Dark Moor - Between Light And Darkness review


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Band: Dark Moor
Album: Between Light And Darkness
Release date: 2003

01. Memories
02. From Dawn To Dusk
03. A Lament Of Misery
04. Echoes Of The Sea
05. Mistery Of Goddess
06. The Shadow Of The Nile
07. Dies Irae
08. The Fall Of Melnibone

It is quite an usual thing for an EP to contain eight songs and to last 51 minutes. And unfortunately, this album is also the last release of the Spanish Dark Moor with this line up, as the singer Elisa Martin now is in the French band Fairyland, one of the guitarists and the drummer have left the band.

This EP is divided in two parts: the first four songs are acoustic. They make me think of a quiet version of Blind Guardian, which is not especially a bad reference. The clean and pure voice of Elisa Martin is accompanied by medieval acoustic chords and a symphonic orchestra. I want to say that her voice is different from those of most of metal female singers: she often changes tune and never becomes boring, even if her accent in English is absolutely horrible. Sometimes she even sounds like Andre Matos [ex-Angra, Shaman], for example on 'Dies Irae' [I don't know if it is a compliment for him...]. Anyway, the first three songs are my favourite on this EP [with a mention for 'Memories'], because of their sad atmosphere and the emotion Elisa Martin is able to make me feel. 'Echoes of the sea' is an instrumental track of classical music. It seems a bit caricatural to me and could have been avoided.

From 'Mistery of Goddess' till the end, the album turns into symphonic metal. I have not had the chance to hear their previous releases, so I cannot say whether it has the same quality. But still it sounds very good. 'Mistery of Goddess' is half acoustic, and miraculously Elisa's voice turns into a nastier [or more heavy] singing. 'The shadow of the Nile' introduces choirs, in addition to the orchestra, for a very convincing result. 'Dies Irae' and 'The fall of Melniboné' launch a furious symphonic swarm during 20 minutes, with organs a la Nightwish, majestic orchestral arrangements and revengeful and cutting riffs. 'Dies Irae' is a mix between the first Angra and Blind Guardian. Maybe the most interesting part of the album.

I wonder if Dark Moor will be as great with their new members, but Between Light And Darkness has given me the will to look for their real albums. Wait and see...

Highlights: All of it is equally good...

Written by Deadsoulman | 03.11.2003



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27.05.2007 - 04:59
Baz Anderson
"even if her accent in English is absolutely horrible"
haha - I quite like it.. it is different. she is indeed one of my favourite female singers if not my favourite
female singers don't usually do much for me but I like her..

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