Nightmare - Genetic Disorder review


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Band: Nightmare
Album: Genetic Disorder
Release date: November 2007

01. Nothing Left Behind
02. Battleground For Suicide
03. Queen Of Love & Pain
04. Conspiracy
05. Leader Of The Masquerade
06. Final Procession
07. The Dominion Gate (Part II)
08. The Winds Of Sin
09. Forsaken Child
10. A Thrill Of Death
11. Wicked White Demon
12. Dawn Of Darkness

And here we are with the new album of the masters of Heavy Metal made in France, Nightmare! After their come back at the end of the 90's and two really good releases, this excellent combo is back with their new record, "Genetic Disorder". Still as good as the two previous albums of the Frenchies, "Genetic Disorder" is however a bit more direct and violent… Yes, Nightmare doesn't play anymore some Heavy mixed with Symphonic music, now the band plays a pure Heavy Power Metal a la US sauce and that's great news!

If you like violent Heavy Metal, I can tell you that you'll love "Genetic Disorder". Really this release is an amazing album of powerful music. Nightmare still plays Heavy melodic Metal and the old fans will not be lost by this new album but this time the members of the band chose to "remove" the symphonic parts that we we're able to find on "Silent Room" and "The Dominion Gate" and add some really violent riffs to the music. It's fast, thrashy as hell and sounds a bit like all the American Heavy/Power Metal combos. No doubt, the new Nightmare is not for sissies, this is not a kind of flower Power Metal, this is direct and aggressive and all the ones who like Thrash like Power or Heavy will probably fall in love with this release. I could talk about this album during ten consecutive hours, but the best way to discover it is to listen to songs like the dark "Conspiracy" or the extremely violent "The Winds Of Sin" with a riff that we can compare to the ones of Nevermore or Arch Enemy! You'll quickly understand that the band is angry this time and that they will kick your asses during their shows (well, they were already good in the past but with these songs, the mosh-pit will be crazy…).

The guys are better than ever, Joe Amore is one more time extremely convincing and when you have a look on the magisterial cover and listen to the sound of the album which was recorded, produced mixed and engineered at Fredman Studio by Fredrik Nordström & Henrik Udd, you can be sure that the production is perfect! "Genetic Disorder" is a new Nightmare and a better one in my opinion and I hope that this time the band will find the success that it deserves.

I really love Nightmare and its whole discography, but let's be honest, I think that "Genetic Disorder" is like a new start for the combo and a great one! The band members understand music and Metal in general and they chose to play the best Heavy Metal that it was possible to create (at least for me!). Direct, full of energy, intelligent and catchy, "Genetic Disorder" is a must for all the fans of real angressive Heavy Metal. If you like to listen to real Metal riffs and great melodies don't miss "Genetic Disorder" and hail to Nightmare for this great release!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 06.12.2007



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07.12.2007 - 09:31
Nice review. The describing violent riff and thrash like power and heavy, really appeal me.
07.12.2007 - 10:01
Great review! Though this album is still quite new on me and I might change my mind later on, I at the moment consider it to be their best album. Good thing they got rid of the orchestrations and stuff and got to playing aggressive heavy and thrashy music! I think this is a great improvement compared to the previous albums, and this is much better then The Dominion Gate. Jo Amore's vocals are still excellent, and they're very well counterbalanced by Yves Campion's screams. These aggressive vocals really bring something deeper to Nightmare's music

Oh, and I really enjoy the Gothenburg-ish riff of The Winds Of Sin - amazing song.

Altogether, this is going to make my 2007 top 10.
07.12.2007 - 10:54
This is an exciting review. I'm really looking forward to getting to know this band and this will be my first cd.
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29

Like you could kiss my ass.
07.12.2007 - 15:05
Retired Staff
You definitely caught my attention!! Will be checking this album out, for sure.
Your favorite band sucks.
18.12.2007 - 20:12
Darken Rahl
Violent heavy or power metal ? I discribe this kind of music as "wicked power metal" as opposed to "happy power metal". Great Great Great album!

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