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Band: Hanoi Rocks
Album: Street Poetry
Release date: September 2007

01. Hypermobile
02. Street Poetry
03. Fashion
04. Highwired
05. Power Of Persuasion
06. Teenage Revolution
07. Worth Your Weight In Gold
08. Transcendental Groove
09. This One's For Rock'N'Roll
10. Powertrip
11. Walkin' Away
12. Tootin' Star
13. Fumblefoot And Busy Bee
14. Self Destruction Blues [Japanese bonus]
15. Worldshaker [Japanese bonus]

Let's rock because the Glam rockers of Hanoi Rocks are back this year with a new album! Despite what a lot of people believe, the guys of Hanoi Rocks aren't American but come from Finland! Their career has started in 1981 with the album "Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes, Hanoi Rocks" and "Street Poetry" is their new production released only two years after "Another Hostile Takeover". Since their return in front of the scene in 2002 with the really good "Twelve Shots On The Rocks" the band is better and better years after years… Hanoi Rocks is a bit like good wine which is better when it's older…

Ok ok, I'm already hearing the people who're saying that Hanoi Rocks plays Glam, and that this kind of music is for sissies only. Don't worry mates, "Street Poetry" definitely doesn't sound like the songs of the "cult" "Look What The Cat Dragged In" of Poison. Except when it comes to the look of the musicians, there is nothing so Glam in the music of the Finnish combo, it's just some good old US rock with a ton of catchy choruses that you'll be able to sing under your shower. Of course a band like Hanoi Rocks plays commercial music which is perfect to be played on the radios but it's well done with a great Rock N Roll spirit and in the end I can tell you that someone like me who use to listen to Hard Rock but who is definitely not into Glam likes a lot this release. Just remove the word "Glam" of your head and expect some good Hard Rock and I'm sure that you'll enjoy this release.

"Street Poetry" is varied, we have of course some ballads and mid tempo songs but also some really heavy ones, and even some songs with some trumpets and saxophones in the background. It's heavy Rock N Roll, but it's well done with good lines of guitars and good guitars soli. I know on a side this kind of music is a bit easy but it's groovy as hell and will give force you to have a big smile on your face. With a great performance of Michael Monroe and with a perfect recording, "Street Poetry" has all points to become a classic of the genre, so let's hope that you'll not afraid by the label that people put on this band.. .They're maybe Glam but they know how to play good Rock period.

Even if some bands like Poison or Motley Crue are more famous than Hanoi Rocks, don't forget that this band has released its first album in 1981 and that they are, of course, one the inventors of Glam Rock. Though in my opinion, this new album is a lot more Hard FM than anything else but it's a great thing anyway. It's good to see that this band can still play good music. "Street Poetry" is without any doubt one of the best Hard Rock albums of the year!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 6
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 10.12.2007



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10.12.2007 - 21:58
Account deleted
I was actually quite surprised for the welcoming of this album. The band is back to the top. Oh and I may as well mention here that Guns 'N' Roses were greatly influenced by Hanoi Rocks.
11.12.2007 - 02:03
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Most good 80s glam/sleaze bands stopped releasing good material (the 2 newer songs from motley crue are evidence of this) but its good to see someone has still got it together. Ill definitly be buying this in the near future.
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13.12.2007 - 14:54
go listen veins of jenna song. i saw at poison concert in losangeles last summer...
they are new,fresh and pure rock energy!
31.12.2007 - 01:15
Hanoi Rocks is coming to Serbia....and I heard thay suck live....so......I dont know is it really worth going there...
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