Carnal Lust - Dawn Of The Hatred review


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Band: Carnal Lust
Album: Dawn Of The Hatred
Release date: March 2008

01. In The Meandering Deep Of My Anger (666/999)
02. Not A Prophecy
03. C.H(uman) 4
04. Humanity's Annihilation
05. Psychosis
06. Battlefield/Graveyard
07. Dawn Of The Hatred
08. 1139
09. 1140
10. Vox Populi
11. Fascination Street [The Cure cover]

With "Rebirth In Hate", the previous demo of the Parisian combo Carnal Lust, we had the chance to discover a really good and promising Death Metal band. Now that our guys have released their first album, we will finally be able to check if the previous release was a lucky release or not. I will not wait any more time to say that Carnal Lust is still a good Death Metal band even if on a side, "Dawn Of The Hatred" is not really revolutionary.

Carnal Lust plays Brutal Death Metal, though I have the feeling that the band is a bit shy this time. I mean that this release is violent with blasting drums and really heavy riffs but this is more something which sounds like some Old School Death Metal than something which is hyper violent and brutal. The songs are all heavy but they're all melodic too and we even have real guitars soli. "Dawn Of The Hatred" is not the most violent album of the year, Carnal Lust is really melodic now and if this is not really problematic of course, it will maybe be a bit surprising for the first fans of the band. Of course the voice of L. Chuck D. is still here to proves that Carnal Lust plays real Death Metal but don't expect something too Brutal here, Carnal Lust plays melodic Death but not Gothenburg Death!

The production of this first album is correct and we even have a really good cover of Fascination Street (The Cure). Obviously the musicians of Carnal Lust are good performers and the really engaged lyrics of the album are well done. Is it all good then? Well yes, expect that this album is really classic finally. "Dawn Of The Hatred" is a good album of Death Metal but Carnal Lust will not create any revolution with this first album. That's just up to you, if you're looking for good Death Metal, this album is a must but if you want to be surprised "Dawn Of The Hatred" will not be essential.

With "Dawn Of The Hatred", Carnal Lust proves that they're still able to play and write good music. All the people who like good Death Metal should have a look on this release which is really well done but just remember that you'll not find anything new here too. "Dawn Of The Hatred" confirms my good feelings about Carnal Lust, let's hope now that the band will be able to confirm these words and be a bit more original with their future releases.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 16.04.2008



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29.11.2010 - 17:14
A good album

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