Blaze - Blood & Belief review


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Band: Blaze
Album: Blood & Belief
Release date: April 2004

01. Alive
02. Ten Seconds
03. Blood And Belief
04. Life And Death
05. Tearing Myself To Pieces
06. Hollow Head
07. Will To Win
08. Regret
09. The Path And The Way
10. Soundtrack Of My Life

Blaze it back! After almost two years in Hell, he finally returns with an album to us, dedicated fans.
He has for two years fighting against the alcohol and are now finally free. And what could be better then release his third album since the departure from Iron Maiden?
Blood & Belief is a bit different from the first to releases, especially the music. It's both darker and sometimes more "Modern". Please don't say that I called it Nu-Metal not, because it's not. It's just a touch of a little more modern thinking.

The album kicks off with the song "Alive" and already here you will hear that it's not like all the other albums, the first sounds that coming out of the speakers sounds like a Hardcore band or something, but as soon as the first guitar riffs come, the song directly gets way much better.

Second up is "Ten Seconds" that' an ok song, gets some spins to really like it.
But what's follow is the best Blaze done since "Silicon Messiah", the title song "Blood And Belief" & "Life And Death", Especially the last of them, is the next best song I heard from Blaze (just "Silicon Messiah" tops it).
The chorus got this "sing-a-long"- feeling that's quite unusual when it comes to albums that's so personal like this.

Coming up next, the song I believe it's the most personal from Blaze this time, "Tearing Myself to Pieces". A quite usual Blaze song I have to say. Not a killer but the lyrics really touch you in a weird way.
Following up that one does the worst song on the album, "Hollow Head", why is this song here? It destroys everything. I can, without doubts say that this is the worst song Blaze have done, not even a little good.

"Will to Win" next, good song but not one of the best. Got a quite good chorus but that's about it.
"Regret" is one more, very strong song, both musically and lyrically. The chorus is a "Sing-a-long" after some spins.
And the last two songs, is also two damn fine ones, "The Path & the Way" & "Soundtrack of My Life". I find the last one of them the best, the very good chorus does much, and it's hard not to sing with Blaze here. Very good.
"The Path…" got some good parts too, but it's way to "Unstable" to be one of the best ones.

Overall it's a very good album, not better than "Silicon Messiah" (But how is that possible to do?) but I like it much more than "Tenth Dimension", since the material is here more even, there isn't so big difference between the best and the less best (except the worst one then, "Hollow Head). And the best songs are so good that they really deserve to be called killers.

Favourite songs: "Life & Death" (Best one since "Silicon Messiah"), "Blood & Belief", "Regret" & "The Soundtrack of My Life".

Written by Malcolm | 05.05.2004



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15.06.2007 - 00:36
Yumos Muraticus
Account deleted
I agree with most of this review. I thought this album was a step foreward for Blaze, having abandoned the sci-fi themed lyrics which would've become very repetitive if used on a third album. Nice review!
30.01.2012 - 14:13
I disagree. This album was a step in the wrong direction. Although not as bad as The Man Who Would Not Die it doesn't come close to the previous 2 albums.

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