Celtic Legacy - Guardian Of Eternity review


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Band: Celtic Legacy
Album: Guardian Of Eternity
Release date: March 2008

01. The Sentinel
02. Celtica
03. Afterworld
04. For Evermore
05. King Of Thieves
06. Dance On Yer Grave
07. Absent Friends
08. Erinmor
09. Forgive Me
10. Guardian Of Eternity

Despite its name and what some people say about them, Celtic Legacy is not a new Folk Metal band. At the opposite, this Irish combo is more in the category of Iron Maiden and all the bands of the NWOBHM, and when I listen to their new album "Guardian Of Eternity" I'm still wondering why the band is not a bit more famous. Definitely, Celtic Legacy is a good Heavy Metal band and I really recommend you to listen to this album if you pretend to like British Heavy.

Even if the band comes from Ireland we don't have a lot of Celtic influences on this release. Sure sometime we can hear some little melodies that we can call "Folk" but it would be a big mistake to compare the band to Skyclad or Primordial. No, Celtic Legacy is a band which produces something in the vain of Iron Maiden or even Queensrÿche (especially in reason of the similarity between the voices of the two singers). The music of Celtic Legacy must be labelled as melodic Heavy Metal and "Guardian Of Eternity" perfectly represents the genre. Of course you must like British Heavy and Hard Rock to enjoy this album which sounds like all the bands which comes from the island (yes British bands have their unique sound!). I could talk about all the songs of the release to describe the album but let's say that the music of Celtic Legacy is melodic, with catchy choruses and definitely their music comes from the 80's (Queenrsÿche's influences are obvious one more time) even if finally it never sounds old.

"Guardian Of Eternity" is well produced. This is not clean as pure water but it's good and the album doesn't suffer of any real problem. Sure "Guardian Of Eternity" is not the revelation of the year and it's not mega original but the band doesn't play something which is trendy nowadays so I think that a lot of nostalgic people will like this release. Seriously, with "Guardian Of Eternity" you can be sure that you'll listen to good catchy tunes and in the end you'll pass a great moment.

Ok "Guardian Of Eternity" is not new but it's perfectly done and I really think that a lot of Heavy Metal fans who are bored by Power Metal music will have a great surprise with this release. If you're not scared by 80's music and like melodic Metal please don't miss the new Celtic Legacy this is a real success in my opinion. Highly recommended for all the fans of Queenrÿche and Iron Maiden, Celtic Legacy deserve to be known now, spread the word my friends.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 6
Production: 7

Written by Jeff | 27.05.2008


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