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Band: Crystallion
Album: Hattïn
Release date: 2008

01. The Ambush
02. Wings Of Thunder
03. Vanishing Glory
04. Under Siege
05. The Battle - Onward
06. The Battle - Higher Than The Sky
07. The Battle - Saracen Ascension
08. Preach With An Iron Tongue

Poweeeeeeeeaarrrrrrrr Metaaaaaaallllll!!!!! Ok ok I will calm down a bit but when I listen to this music I always have the feeling that I must shout loud (and high) such kind of words (which could be Dragoooonnsssss!!!! or Iroonnnnnnn!!!!" too by the way). "Hattïn" is the new album of Crystallion from Germany and if you're looking for European Power Metal damn you'll have your dose here. "Hattïn" is not particularly bad but let's hope that you can stand knights and dragons other than that it could become a real nightmare for you.

"Hattïn" is a real album of European Power Metal with all the clichés of the genre! Yes, the lyrics talk about fantasy stories, yes the riffs are mega melodic and of course the choruses are made to be sung during the live shows. Crystallion will not give you anything new here but at least their songs are not so fast (well sure some of them still have a lot of fast double bass drums, but not all!) and the melodies are not so bad too. Let's say that "Hattïn" is a really common album of Power Metal which features nonetheless some good songs.

Like all the Power Metal bands, Crystallion is a good band when it comes to talk about musical skill. The guitarists, bassist, pianist and drummer are good musicians and they all perfectly play their songs. Though if the singer is not so bad, sometime he is a bit out of tune, especially with his high vocals, but this is something that he will have to correct in the future. The production of the album is good and the cover is really "Power" if you see what I mean, Crystallion last effort will please to all the people who likes Avantasia.

Ok this album is just one other new release of Power Metal but this is not so badly done. Honestly I think that the Power Metal fans will like this release, this is just a bit sad that it's so common and unoriginal. Though if the band find a way to add some new elements in their future releases it will maybe be good. "Hattïn" is an album for the fans of European Metal who're not looking for something new, the other metalheads won't miss anything special.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 04.06.2008



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05.06.2008 - 00:30
Heaven Knight
hm...seems like band exactly for me
So behold the flight of the sapphire dragon
soaring through the skies once again

05.06.2008 - 12:29
Account deleted
Quite a good album in my opinion. I'd give it 8/10
05.06.2008 - 15:44
A Dark Enchanted Crystal Night is a really good power metal album, so I have high hopes for this one.
20.06.2008 - 22:04
Account deleted
The previous work "A Dark Enchanted Crystal Night" it was much better, Crystallion offered a rebirth to the stagnated German Power Metal. Although in "Hattïn" exposes a Power Metal less Melodic to the one demonstrated in the previous work possesses great hymns that continued reviving the German Power Metal.
24.06.2009 - 05:20
Ummm... this album is about the CRUSADES.

Ugh, this is another example where it seems the reviewer gave very little thought/effort into the review.
(Usually I really like Jeff's reviews, too...)
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