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Band: Winter's Verge
Album: Eternal Damnation
Release date: March 2008

01. Eternal Damnation
02. My Winter Sun
03. Get Me Out
04. Hold My Hand
05. A Secret Once Forgotten
06. Goodbye
07. Spring Of Life
08. Can You Hear Me
09. For I Have Sinned
10. To You I Sail Tonight
11. Suicide Note

"Eternal Damnation" is the new album of Winter's Verge from Cyprus. The band plays European Power Metal and real one, which means that you'll not find anything new or original here, this is simply one other release of Power which will finish the pile of the useless Power Metal releases. That's a bit sad for the band but really all these combos will have to understand that it cannot continue like that, the saturation line is crossed now.

Honestly I didn't need a lot of times to listen to this album because this is just one new releases of Power Metal. Everything is similar to what we have already got in the past… For sure we have epic choruses, for sure with have fast tempo and double bass drums and of course everything is mega melodic… Well one more time I cannot say that it's terrible but I have more than enough CDs like this one at home and I don't need anymore. If the Power Metal bands don't find a way to renewal their music they will simply collapse or something like that. We have some good keyboards soli on this album and since they're really technical it gives something else to the music of Winter's Verge but that's not enough unfortunately. I don't see how a lot of people could find any real interest in this album…

Even if the production of the album is correct and even if the guitarist Harrys Pari seems to be a good musician, there is nothing so special in the release, this is classic and classic. The singer George Charalambous is even a bit under his mates and sometime he is even out of tune! His voice is not beautiful and doesn't give a lot of good sensations. The problem of bands like Winter's Verge is that they're not horrible, really it's easy to find worst combos, but they're simply too average to become something big. At least the keyboards parts are not so bad and give something else, but the whole thing is just too average…

With all my respect to Winter's Verge, I really hope that the band will be able to improve its music in the future. "Eternal Damnation" is just a new release of European Power Metal, there is nothing new here, nothing original, the band only plays something that we can listen to everyday and it's becoming boring. Maybe that some fans will like the album but if you're looking for good Metal you can go away, "Eternal Damnation" is not terrible but we have seen it before and in my opinion there is not more interest for such kind of albums now.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 5
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 16.06.2008



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17.06.2008 - 14:23
Come on, the originality is nowhere near a 5 Fair overall rating though. You're right about the singer too =\

Another English tip - "since that" doesn't make sense, you only need to say "since".
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17.06.2008 - 14:40
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Thx for the tip! Don't know why, I add some "that" everywhere nowadays... :s lol
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