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Band: Sotajumala
Album: Teloitus
Release date: June 2008

01. Tappaja Ja Tapettu
02. Arkku Vailla Vainajaa
03. Kuolinjulistus
04. Riistetty Viattomuus
05. Verellä Kirjoitettu
06. Oikeutus
07. Kidutus
08. Teloitus

"Teloitus" is the last album Sotajumala a young Finish Metal band which uses to play real Death Metal, nothing melodic, nothing Gothenburg or whatever, just real classic Death Metal. This release is not particularly hyper violent or aggressive we have good melodies in it but it's true Death and that's good sometime to listen to new album played by young bands which still know how to do classic music. I'm sure that a lot of old school Death Metal fans will have a good surprise with "Teloitus".

If you like Morbid Angel and the old Bolt Thrower's albums, "Teloitus" is highly recommended for your tiny little ears. Finally we're in front of a newcomer which has chosen to plays old school Death. I'm not saying that I have some problems with the so-called melodic Death Metal scene and all the bands which chose today to do some kind of re-structured Death Metal but it's good sometime too to see that our beloved Death is still something which can attract young bands. "Teloitus" is only the second release of the band but obviously this finish combo has an impressive maturity. The height songs of the release all have some kind of naughty spirit with some great strong and loud riffs. The rhythm of the album is not particularly fast and we even have some kind of mid-tempo songs like on the last track "Teloitus". But we have insistent riffs and melodies and good technical guitar soli in the pure traditional spirit of the Floridian Death Metal. This is evidently not revolutionary but it's perfectly done and the general cold ambiance of the album is just excellent.

The only little problem of the release come maybe in my opinion that the voice of Mynni Luukkainen, without being bad, is a bit monotonous and lacks a bit of energy. It's maybe a wish of the band but I like strong Death vocals and I'm not that much into monotonous vocals. On the other hand it remains more than ok and anyway the songs are good and even the recording of the CD is great so, really if you like Death Metal you'll probably like the album.

Fans of Death Metal who are bored by all the melodic-stuff that you can listen to everyday, have a look on "Teloitus" and I'm sure that you'll finally have a smile on your head. Sure "Teloitus" is not a surprising in a matter of originality but it's a great discovery. Sotajumala must be considerate as one of the real successors of the classic American Death Metal bands.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 18.06.2008



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18.06.2008 - 21:30
Account deleted
Listenable album, the funny thing is that while you know that all the vocals are in finnish, you keep hearing english everywhere of the album. Which means that the vocals ARE quite monotonous and bizarre.

By the way, I believe it's Finnish with two N.
21.06.2008 - 16:38
Perpetual Ascent
I'm hearing it right now. Not bad at all...

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