Yann Armellino - Gimme The Sound review

Band: Yann Armellino
Album: Gimme The Sound
Release date: 2008

01. Gimme The Sound
02. High Above The Unknown Places
03. Time Is Running Out
04. After The Tour
05. I Remember Yesterday
06. It's A Nightmare Every Morning
07. I Just Wish I Could Be Home
08. Armorik 'n' Roll
09. Let's Fly higher
10. S.O.S.
11. Little Sister
12. Oversea
13. High Above The Unknown Places [acoustic version]
14. Isle Of Jura

Busy with his own label Why Note, we haven't heard a lot of news about Yann Armellino lately. The French guitarist was one of the guests of the C.L.A.F.F. project but no more and his last album was only released in 2004. Since that day the French fans of guitars were waiting for its successor but now Mr Yann is back with his fifth album (under the name of Y & C) and I must tell you that you'll have a nice surprise! Accompanied by his old mate and singer Chris Caron, "Gimme Sound" is an excellent Hard Rock album and if you like the 80's I'm sure that you'll like it!

If you don't know him yet, Yann Armellino is one of our French guitar killers. If his last albums were good guitar demonstration I have to tell you now that his new release, "Gimme Sound", is a lot more convincing. The fact that we have a real drummer and above all a real singer is a really good new addition. Now I have the feeling that Yann's music has a real spirit, this is not only technical guitar to be technical guitar and if the songs are still technical (which is a great thing of course) you'll be able to sing them while you'll listen to the album. It's a great addition, and finally "Gimme Sound" is a really good release of technical Hard Rock Metal a la sauce 80's. It's not really something new but I like the mixing of Hard FM and guitar hero spirit and in the genre, you'll be able to listen to some great hits like "High Above The Unknown Places", "It's A Nightmare Every Morning" or "Isle Of Jura" which clearly are a good representation of the whole spirit of the album (the "famous" good catchy Hard FM with great guitar soli).

Yann Armellino is one more time convincing but French people at least already know that he is a good guitarist. The good surprise here is the interpretation of Chris Caron which is simply excellent. The guy has a beautiful voice and I hope that we will be able to listen to again in the future. Sure his voice sounds like the ones of the 80's singers, which means that it's not really modern but it's pure and if you like Def Leppard or Bon Jovi you'll not be disappointed here. Only the production of the album is a bit weak sometime but all in all it's more than ok and should be enough for you.

The new Yann Armellino, is a great release. This time I have the feeling that people will talk a lot more about it than his previous releases. The addition of a singer was a great thing and the music will be easier of access now and lot more popular. Let's hope that we will see them on stage now but without any doubt "Gimme Sound" is in my opinion the best release of Yann Armellino's discography.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 16.07.2008


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