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Band: Sadistic Gore
Album: Tools Of Monstrosity
Release date: April 2008

01. Hateful Hatred
02. The Prophecy (A Trip To The Comet ^357)
03. Abomination
04. Deserter Of Humanity
05. Human Souvenirs
06. Deflowered By The Priest

Sadistic Gore isn't exactly the band that will leave much to one's imagination. No pure fantasy band alias, no colorful cover art, no idyllic album name and song titles (albeit very close), no good-for-nothing album intros, just plain straight-forward and up-tempo death metal, the underground Brazilian way. What we have here is a confident young band who gives the intention it really knows the first thing about the death metal they play, and they do, though at the same time it's pretty remarkable that the guys from Sadistic Gore are clearly inspired by the big European and American examples.

What else is there to know about Sadistic Gore? For starters, the "Tools Of Monstrosity" EP is the second effort of this trio (now already a quintet in the meantime) after their 2005 three-song demo "Buried Alive". And if you were still having doubts about their sound, Sadistic Gore are aggressive, brutal and also heavy as fuck. How's that for a briefly-worded summary?
As a matter of fact, just like the EP at hand this review can actually be kept very short yet highly intense. If you were looking for some fine brutalish death metal where they keep up the pace a bit, seek no longer. If you were asked by some random quizmaster "you into metal?" and you answered "as long as it's heavy", you not only get a +1 for knowing the correct answer (and kudos if you also knew what song the quote's coming from), but you also get "Tools Of Monstrosity" as a consolation prize, because face it, the electric toothbrush you were secretly playing for would never have been as brutal, even if it was running wild and randomly attacking people, as this EP.

The only ones being left out in the cold here are the ones constantly looking for some surplus value - they might once again get the worst of it. Metal bands like Sadistic Gore seem to be ten a penny these days. However, Sadistic Gore definitely belongs to the penny well spent category. And those pennies are getting pretty rare nowadays. It seems these Brazilians have everything to establish themselves as one of the dominate death metal bands, certainly in the South American area. It makes one rightly wonder where Sadistic Gore will go from here.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 7

Written by Thryce | 10.09.2008



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15.02.2012 - 04:16
A staff guy...
Saw this just now in the Random album and this review is quite convincing, I will have to check this out when I get home later...

Edit: The firewall at work must be down cuz youtube got through, anyway this is some good "brutalish death metal" as Thryce stated. Kind of reminds me of middle era Krisiun (makes sense I suppose since they're both Brazilian). I will definitely be getting my hands on this little gem. Hope these guys put out an LP at some point...

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