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AC/DC - No Bull: The Directors Cut review


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Band: AC/DC
Album: No Bull: The Directors Cut
Release date: September 2008

01. Back In Black
02. Shot Down In Flames
03. Thunderstruck
04. Girl's Got Rhythm
05. Hard As A Rock
06. Shoot To Thrill
07. Boogie Man
08. Hail Caesar
09. Hells Bells
10. Dog Eat Dog
11. The Jack
12. Ballbreaker
13. Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution
14. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
15. You Shook Me All Night Long
16. Whole Lotta Rosie
17. T.N.T.
18. Let There Be Rock
19. Highway To Hell
20. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)

Damn it's been a while that we didn't get any real news from the one and unique monster of Rock, AC/DC. Now that we know the release date of their new album "Black Ice" (which will be released the 20 of October 2008) a lot of things are coming. Before the D-day, Columbia Records has decided to release a new version of their fantastic live recorded at the arena of Las Ventas, Madrid during their "Ball Breaker" tour in 1996. Don't expect a lot of new things here but if you don't have this DVD, this new version's worth the price.

Everybody knows AC/DC so it will probably be useless if I talk about the band and its music. On the other hand maybe that some young people have never seen them live and in that case, the "No Bull: The Directors Cut" should be a good training before the world tour which will follow later this year. This concert is a perfect representation of what AC/DC live is. This is fun, catchy as hell really cool and the "Rock N Roll spirit" (yeah, cool attitude etc) is so big that you can even feel it through your TV screen. The audience of Madrid is simply amazing, everybody knows the songs and sing-along with the band from the beginning to the end of the show, the stage is amazing with this big impressive wrecking crane really it was a perfect tour. All the hits are featured on this DVD (well not all but you see what I mean) from "Hells Bells" to "Let There Be Rock" to finish of course with the anthem "Highway To Hell". Angus and all the guys are excellent, and one more time the little guitarist seems to be doped by some energetic drinks… Really there is nothing wrong to say about this DVD and since that the new version adds some little things, we won't have the possibility to whine a lot.

The main point of "No Bull: The Directors Cut" is the re-mastering of the sound and video. After all the first video was released in 1996 so a new young and fresh remixing cannot hurt right? I cannot say that the difference is impressive but this is better definitely. Add some tracks with the "Angus-Cam" option (you'll only see Angus during those songs) and two rare bonuses "Cover You In Oil" recorded at Gothenburg and "Down Payment Blues" recorded at Daytona and you know everything of "No Bull: The Directors Cut".

I don't think that "No Bull: The Directors Cut" is a must if you already have the original version. On the other hand the new mixing is a good thing so if you want to buy all the CDs and DVDs (this one is even in Blue Ray though) of AC/DC I recommend you to buy "No Bull: The Directors Cut" instead of the first one. Now I just hope that Columbia will release one day the video live of the "Stiff Upper Lip" show recorded in Paris and of course I will wait for the next album. AC/DC will be back soon, be ready to rock!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: -
Originality: -
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 17.09.2008



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17.09.2008 - 17:25
Sounds pretty damn cool I'll have to check out this one...
17.09.2008 - 19:57
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Ah, AC/DC always put together fantastic DVDs.
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- George Carlin
17.09.2008 - 23:50
LeChron James
Long live AC/DC
Kick Ass, Die Young

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Stay Pure
Stay Poor

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23.09.2008 - 18:15
Red Nightmare
wow, it seems interesting!
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24.04.2009 - 22:49
Valentin B
I watched the DVD yesterday, didn't make it till the end though, made it to Let There Be Rock, incredible performance and show, Brian Johnson and Angus are both incredibly energetic and awesome, and of course the fans which just might classify as the best fans in the world. i'd kill to play to such an audience. EVERYONE from the highest seats to the front-center of the stage standing up and singing along, and pretty much a whole sea of people on the floor of the arena, with hands in the air going crazy.. gonna watch the end right now.

sadly i won't be able to see the anti-christ devil's children this year and it's too bad cause i really wanted to..

EDIT back... i almost shed a tear, this is every good music fan's wet dream
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04.05.2009 - 21:51
Well, now that I have watched this DVD for a couple of times, I'll just say one thing: INCREDIBLE SHOW...

Definitely one of the greatest shows I have seen it. So many people, jumping, singing, screaming, waving with hands all the time. Also awesome performance of the whole band with Angus infront (this guy has probably ran the whole marathon on the stage ).

Huh, I cannot wait to see them Munchen next week.
04.05.2009 - 22:58
Valentin B
Written by Abattoir on 04.05.2009 at 21:51

Well, now that I have watched this DVD for a couple of times, I'll just say one thing: INCREDIBLE SHOW...

hell yes man, there is no more epic way to end a concert than "For Those About to Rock".... when the BIG FUCKING HUGE CANNONS come out in the middle of the song.... incredible.
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Do me a wrong, you're a bringer of evil.
28.10.2012 - 02:25
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Fantastic DVD.
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