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Band: Lake Of Tears
Album: Black Brick Road
Release date: August 2004

01. The Greymen
02. Making Evenings
03. Black Brick Road
04. Dystopia
05. The Organ
06. A Trip With The Moon
07. Sister Sinister
08. Rainy Day Away
09. Crazyman

I was expecting this album for a long time, being really anxious about a possible come-back. And this year, Mr. Brennare and his company came to rehearse just for old time's memories. Things went good; they began working on a new album. This "Black Brick Road".

In a way, it brings something new. I was wondering how a new Lake of Tears album would sound like, mainly after the release of "The Neonai" album. Well, for those of you who know that album, I must say it sounds a bit like that. But not exactly. I remember the day after the first listenings of Black Brick Road. I wake up in the morning and I said that this last album sounds more like "A Crimson Cosmos". For sure, there are some moments where this album resembles of Crimson Cosmos. Well, I was in doubt reading on a site that they played Boogie Bubble in the beginning of their gig at Sweden Rock, this summer. What was the explanation then? The answer is up to anyone.

The album contains nine tracks. From the intro of "The Greymen", to the last sound of "Crazyman", it is Lake of Tears. Good points for this album are the use of riffs and more guitar solos than usually. But the thing that blows me away was the Hammond. It sounds so… retro, yes, retro is the word. You could hear it on some of the tracks. The most beautiful use of Hammond on this album is on "The Organ", which resembles in a way of "Solitude", from "The Neonai". A different Hammond is heard on the last song of the album, "Crazyman". Besides Hammond, there is a whole variety of keyboards on this album. But Lake of Tears has ceased to be "electro-gothic". I think it's the Lake of Tears style.

Another important point to mention here is the female voice. "Dystopia" is such a beautiful song. I don't know how, but that remembers me of Tiamat latest album. And that duet of voices. I would also like to point out Mr. Brennare's voice. For sure, it sounds more mature. I could recognize his voice from many others.

"A Trip with the Moon" bears the mark of "A Crimson Cosmos". For sure, one of the main characteristics of Lake of Tears label is the poetic side of their lyrics. I always loved their words.

"Sister Sinister" features another duet between male and female voices. The guitar parts remembers me a bit of "Sharp Dressed Man", ZZ Top in the beginning, then covered by J. Edlund on Lucyfire's first and yet the last to date album. And it's amazing how bands from Sweden could use and love the music roots.

My current favorite track from the album is "Rainy Day Away", or as I called it "Aerosol Grey Machine". It's simply incredible. The chorus, the voice, the guitar and the keyboards… "Let's take a ride in my dream machine"….

The songs are varied, from melancholic moods expressed in mellow songs to more powerful songs. As highlights, it would be very difficult to choose one, two or three songs from "Black Brick Road". You should listen to it, as a whole. Or I could list here the whole nine songs.

A rank of 9.5 for this album, released by one of my favorites bands. Ever.

Written by janhuss | 13.08.2004


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The one and only Lake of Tears is back again, finally.
It's now two years ago the chocking and terrible news about the decision Lake of Tears took, to split up, and after two years of sorrow, a fantastic news reached us, Lake of Tears are back, and now it have happen, they are really back, and their new album is out too, can it be better?

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