Nitrous - Outlaw Racer review


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Band: Nitrous
Album: Outlaw Racer
Release date: November 2008

01. When The Devil Drives
02. Summons To Hephaestus
03. We Ride At Dawn
04. Outlaw Racer
05. Locked In The Dyno Room
06. Burning Up The Pavement
07. Aural Pain Threshold
08. Servitor
09. Crash And Burn
10. Black Cargo Cult
11. Core (Of Molten Fire)

Nitrous is a thrash metal band from Estonia and their album Outlaw Racer failed to impress me in any way. Its been a while since I heard Slayer or Tankard being emulated so tepidly. The band is really talented at avoiding using any memorable parts in their music whatsoever and I certainly hope listeners will be similarly talented at avoiding Outlaw Racer.

Judging by the name of the band and the title of the album, Nitrous' music is about driving... or something. Fair enough - perhaps listening to this album in a muscle car would work (on account of the 8 cylinder engine drowning out the music entirely). And anyway - what can't you do when you're driving? That's right - you cant drink. The musicians of Nitrous are clearly suffering from not having a high enough percentage of alcohol in their veins. Its like a race of severely handicapped drivers - the drums smash along at an unimpressive speed while the guitars amusingly fail to follow even this tempo. The vocalist tries to offer a varied approach but fails - his growls, croons and occasional high pitched screams are all equally inept. This is truly a race where nobody is a winner. Even on rare occasions when the songwriting is not completely forgettable (for example "Burning Up The Pavement" and "Core (Of Molten Fire)"), the lack of pedigree of the musicians quickly brings pain to my ears.

At best, Nitrous sounds like a fourth tier thrash band from the 80s, matching Sodom in terms of sloppy musicianship but offering no addictive attitude to make up for it. If by the band's definition an "outlaw" driver is simply one that is not good enough to take part in a proper race, they at least have the concept down pat.


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12.02.2009 - 13:36
Well you can always listen to it when youre drunk and laugh youre as of
13.02.2009 - 00:03
Lol nice

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