Cannibal Corpse - Evisceration Plague review

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Band: Cannibal Corpse
Album: Evisceration Plague
Release date: February 2009

Disc I [CD]
01. Priests Of Sodom
02. Scalding Hail
03. To Decompose
04. A Cauldron Of Hate
05. Beheading And Burning
06. Evidence In The Furnace
07. Carnivorous Swarm
08. Evisceration Plague
09. Shatter Their Bones
10. Carrion Sculpted Entity
11. Unnatural
12. Skewered From Ear To Eye
13. Skull Fragment Armor [limited edition bonus]

Disc II [DVD] [limited edition bonus]
+ Hour-long "making of" video

Well, I've found that Cannibal Corpse is like pop-corn. Yes, pop-corn. You go to the movies and the only thing you know it's going to taste like heaven is pop-corn; pop-corn has that special "you know what" thing that makes everything worthwhile right? Even when the variables are sucky you know something good will come out of your bag of pop-corn, even when the movie sucks donkey dick, even if your date didn't show up, even if there's an annoying old lady talking shit during the climax of the film…even if some kid spits on your knee, you'll always have your greasy and tasty pop-corn waiting for you on the palm of your hand.

Turns out the band sounds just like it did when Chris Barnes left in 1995, it's not a bad thing though, but they keep delivering the same recipe just with better musicianship. I mean, it's like ordering pepperoni pizza every single time you go to a restaurant; even if they add blue cheese instead of mozzarella, sooner or later you'll find yourself tired of the same oily thing…and you'll be really freaking fat for eating insane amounts of pepperoni…

In the end, "Evisceration Plague" works greatly; I wish we were living in 1991 to say this album is the greatest thing ever released in the genre, but sadly we're not, it's 2009 already, and we are currently listening to Pig Destroyer, Circle of Dead Children and many other bands with insanely fast, technical and/or extreme music…so it is what it is, this CD is a good piece, just that.

Maybe I'm not explaining myself correctly, this album is a great addition if you have a decent Death Metal collection, it has explosive tracks and violent music, "Scalding Hail" has to be one of the most insane songs the band has released in ages, and the lyrics in "Evidence in the Furnace" are a PERFECT tribute to early Cannibal Corpse. But songs like "A Cauldron of Hate" or "Evisceration Plague" are just, well, boring.

So, to sum things up, Cannibal Corpse is like pop-corn, "Evisceration Plague" is just like a good movie, and if Alex Webster does not stop using mid-paced riffs in his songwriting, we'll soon find an album called "Apocalyptica Plays Cannibal Corpse By Four Cellos"…or worse, Paul Anka could release a Cannibal Corpse tribute…or in the worst case scenario, Erik Rutan could produce their album and he could do a crappy job adding echoes and reverbs to the voice of Chris Barnes…oh wait…crap!

Written by Herzebeth | 20.02.2009


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03.03.2014 - 20:48
I like this album better than Kill as well, I actually think this one sticks out as one of their better ones with Corpsegrinder behind the vocals. The early Corpsegrinder albums tended to bore me quite a bit, this one just sticks out more with better songwriting.
06.02.2016 - 23:05
Bad English
CC and pop crone lol , well date might not show up, but DM always delivers and I vomit pop corne, damn I miss this dudes reviews
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