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Band: Kill II This
Album: Deviate
Release date: 1998

01. Soundtrack To Murder
02. Kill Your Gods
03. Freedom Of Speech
04. The Flood
05. Generation Pain
06. Funeral Around My Heart
07. This World
08. Mourning Sickness
09. Crucified
10. Faith Rape
11. Twisted
12. Spiral Of Despair

In 1998, I was 17 years old, and I wandered around listening to some metal, some hip-hop, pop and every stuff I could put my hands on. I used then to consider metal as something used by young people to show their rebellion and their non-conformism, but certainly not as something I would still listen to ten years later (my knowledge was quite limited at this moment). Then one day, I turned my TV on, and I saw a live show with this band, Kill II This, in it. They were playing the song 'The Flood'. I remember I thought then that if some bands are able to create something that good, with such originality, without falling into excessive avant-gardism, then maybe digging metal a bit more could be worth it...

Sorry about the paragraph above, but that was necessary for me to tell how much this album, Deviate, is important to me, even if since this moment I've found better stuff and even if this is not even their best album. But I think I can say Kill II This were pioneers in their genre, and I can't think of any other band who released an album with such a class ever since. Actually, to cut things short, on this album Kill II This used to play indus-thrash metal. It's already not that common. But besides, they added to their music female and opera vocals, piano and classical keyboard parts, but without sounding symphonic. Everything was mixed so well that it just seemed natural, and not pompous, unlike some bands.

With time, I can now say that only half of the songs are really very good, the rest being just above average. There's the first song, 'Kill Your Gods', with a brilliant technoish intro that opens on a breathtakingly catchy riff, that makes me think of what Ministry would sound like if they played thrash metal... 'The Flood' is the best song of this album, and undoubtedly their masterpiece. There's a guest appearance of Barney Greenway of Napalm Death for a few backing growlings... The end of this song is particularly awesome: it sounds almost atmospheric, with in the background still a thrashy guitar, and the agonizing vocals of Matt Pollock. The most representative song on this album is 'Funeral Around My Heart', a cool song that mixes everything the band does: electro/indus samples, some scratches (there's no rapper here don't worry), clean female vocals, opera vocals, and good thrash in the end... Plus a catchy chorus and undeniable songwriting qualities... The biggest part of the album is at the same level of brilliance.

I could go on raving about this band, but it won't be necessary. Most people don't know them, so just move your butts, and try to find this awesome band. If you're disappointed, I give you your money back.

Highlights: Kill Your Gods, The Flood, Funeral Around My Heart, Faith Rape

Written by Deadsoulman | 01.09.2004



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05.03.2007 - 05:53
Sounds like a pretty interesting band. Good review.
24.12.2007 - 22:42
Account deleted
These guys (and girl) were a big part of my formative years too. I first saw them supporting Brucie on the Chemical Wedding tour, in the LA2 in London IIRC. They came out on stage to the intro of "This World"; an announcer's voice counting down to the end of the world... blew me away. Bought their CD off their stall outside straight away. Saw them a ton of times over the next couple of years, but then they sort of crumbled away. Deviate opened the door to the big time, but they blew it with Trinity.... the rest, sadly, is history. Damn it.

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