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Band: The Sin Committee
Album: Confess
Release date: April 2009

01. Confess
02. Serious Adverse Event
03. Straw Men
04. Regression Of Faith
05. Four 2 One

"Confess" is the first EP (after a demo named "Wormwood") by the young Dutch band, The Sin Committee. The CD comes in a pretty digipack with a cover art that never fails to remind me of the mighty Cthulhu. With the logo and official homepage looking pretty professional too, my first impression is that these guys are perfectionists through and through.

Even after many a listen I still have difficulties putting TSC in a genre context. My best shot would be a mix of progressive elements, -core elements, a little bit alternative, perhaps a tiny injection of death metal and a fair jab of groove. Heavier elements and lighter ones, clean vocals and death grunts, rock and metal are blended into an inseparable porridge. Both Tool and Mastodon have obviously left a few marks on the young musicians.

Although I consider it quite interesting by now, it did take me a few goes until I was able to appreciate this special mix. Especially the complex song structures are really nice. Still not all that glitters is gold. The intricate song structures usually work, but there are also parts that sound like the band doesn't know where they want to go. Vocalist Joris Bod could use a bit more charisma in his clean singing voice and unfortunately all five songs on this EP sound very similar. When I listen to them on random it's completely impossible for me to know which track I'm currently hearing.

TSC manage to make enjoyable and interesting music throughout the 22 minutes of "Confess", but sometimes I get the feeling that it's not thought out 100%. If the band can manage to add a bit more diversity in the songs so they don't all sound alike, they could release an awesome album. This isn't it yet, but I think they could do it, sooner or later.

The complete EP is available on the bands myspace and downloadable from their official homepage.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Production: 7

Written by Bas | 10.05.2009



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13.05.2009 - 23:48
Hmm this is VERY enjoyable. I see what you mean about the clean vocals, Bas. They grow on you after a while but it was difficult to stomach at first. The music as a whole though is quite charismatic, which makes up for some of his vocal passages. I have a feeling that the mixing is partially to blame- the clean vocals seem to be more forward and present than the other instruments and that makes a good blend very difficult. Anyway, I'm hooked. Nice of the band to have the whole thing for download on their website.

There are so many different elements at work here, but they're all "related" which I think is why it works so well. The song will be going along, then take a sudden right turn, and it works. Keeps the listener in their toes a bit. Yeah
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