Suidakra - Crógacht review


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Band: Suidakra
Album: Crógacht
Release date: February 2009

01. Slán
02. Conlaoch
03. Isle Of Skye
04. Scáthach
05. Feats Of War
06. Shattering Swords
07. Ár Nasc Fola
08. Gilded Oars
09. Baile's Strand

Folk influences have crept up in a lot of bands songwriting lately, but Germany’s SuidAkrA have been a steady Pagan Melodic Death outfit for a long time now. And now past the attempt to strip folk elements from their music, and after a solid album Caledonia released in 2006, the band is back in full force with a new offering entitled Crógacht [“Bravery” in Irish Gaelic].

Continuing their winning formula of Melodic Death heavily bathed in folk atmosphere and with broad use of bagpipe and such, SuidAkrA latest opus should be on a lot of listeners’ shortlist. While Crógacht does not reinvent their music much, the "catchiness" and ever present power of the songs make this album a great listen. I would go as far as to say that the band increased the folk inclusions. But they did so without sacrificing their trademark juggernaut Melodeath sound. Overall, this record is a logic successor to Caledonia. It conveys the same spirit, sounding more folk metal than pure Melodeath [as opposed to 2003’s Signs of the Fallen].

The big question I had before listening to this was – could they do it as well without the influence of Marcel Schönen? This guy was a big part of the band contributing with killer guitar riffs and vocals. To my surprise, the answer is clearly yes. New member Sebastian Hintz manages to fill in the position flawlessly. And with main man Arkadius Antonik at the top of his game, SuidAkrA cannot put a foot wrong on Crógacht.

They might not be Gaelic, but these Germans could fool you. The atmosphere is very well crafted and genuine. If you enjoyed any of their previous albums, you should get this blindfolded as it is at least equal to Caledonia. And for those poor folks who have no idea what a SuidAkrA album sounds like, you better give those guys a listen. I personally do not think there is a better band in the particular genre. Crógacht kills.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 10


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07.06.2009 - 11:46
Red Nightmare
Great album, really refreshing and catchy. I rarely find melodeath bands that satisfy my taste recently. Suidakra is one of them. Good review too.
IntoPlighT said: "Slipknot is 15 years old how the fuck is that Nu metal?"

07.06.2009 - 12:01
Space For Rent!
I also agree totally on that review, up to now this my favourite album this year
07.06.2009 - 19:58
I thought this album will get a better rating..

07.06.2009 - 20:48
Space For Rent!
Lol, 8.8 is a really high rating, so I wouldn't be disappointed with that (I would only give it a little bit more than 8 like 8.2 or something like that and I think that is still a pretty nice rating )
10.02.2010 - 16:53
Metal slave
I think he meant the MS rating not the reviewers rating...currently its at an 8.2, which is lower than i wouldda thought, too

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