Khigh - Copylefted Rightovers review


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Band: Khigh
Album: Copylefted Rightovers
Release date: December 2008

01. Inner
02. Modern Time Religion
03. Supremacy of Rock
04. Pretty Baby
05. Inspiration
06. Creed of Hate
07. More
08. Free Freed Freedom
09. Don't Call Me

Second album of Khigh, an American combo created in 2002 by Kris (the guy behind everything in the band), Copylefted Rightovers is a new release of Californian Hard Rock. Really melodic and with Glam influences, this release proposes good tracks but suffers of a really average production too. With Copylefted Rightovers we can have the best like the worst and I will let you know why in this review.

Let's begin this review with the really positive points! Copylefted Rightovers is really melodic and reminds me the good old time when bands like Guns N Roses for example used to kick the ass of all the fans of Rock n Roll. Kris manages to re-create the universe of the end of the 80's on this album and that's really cool. Also, even if the songs aren't so outstanding, they all have good melodies and excellent technical guitars soli. This is pleasant if you like Glam Rock and music a la Ozzy Osbourne! On the other hand and despite some good choruses and melodies, Copylefted Rightovers is a bit monotonous and lacks of real hits. I mean that ok it can be good but we've heard it all before if you see what I mean and unfortunately the compositor didn't find the way to be surprising and to find THE ultimate riffs. This is good Hard but really classic unfortunately…

Also the production of the release is really average. The sound is not clean and weak in general. It's always a matter of financial means, I know, but some self-released albums all made at home can have perfect sound so it's not really possible to avoid this criticism. With a better mixing, Copylefted Rightovers could be a lot more convincing, really…

In the end, Copylefted Rightovers cannot be considerate as a bad album but it's just too average to be convincing. I didn't pass a bad moment when I listened to the album but I never said to myself "wow this song rocks!". You see what I mean, you'll not be disgusted by Copylefted Rightovers but I doubt that you'll have a revelatio. With time and work, Khigh will maybe become a lot more attractive, time will tell but the potential is here so…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 6

Written by Jeff | 30.07.2009



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31.07.2009 - 01:30
Totemic Lust
What a great album name is all I have to say
09.08.2009 - 02:06
Account deleted
I got this album a while ago through cd baby and even though the production is pretty average the music and vocals are absolutely brilliant. Highly recommended if you like Megadeth and Skid Row to me
27.08.2009 - 08:52
Account deleted
Whassup? Bought copylefted rigtovers since I already had their previous release and the music of this album is very positive, I heard a lot of Mustaine influences in khigh, also guns and roses-ish with a prog vein at times that set these guys atop of most of the others in the same genre... The mix is kinda rough, but the melody and the record overall is sound and absolutely convincing.
08.09.2009 - 06:39
Account deleted
Well, honestly I really really liked this CD, reminds me of Guns n Roses and Skid row also some Alice in Chains in the first part and then it goes weird and kind of alternative for what this might mean... Also Pretty Baby is awesome and wonder if the same tune appeared on a major act...

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