Arachnes - Primary Fear review


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Band: Arachnes
Album: Primary Fear
Release date: 2003

01. Osonzes
02. Battle To The Victory
03. Primary Fear
04. The Warning
05. Still Waters
06. Thriller
07. To Escape Death
08. Not Fair (Prelude)
09. Not Fair
10. Tota Pulchra
11. My Old Refuge
12. My Son And I
13. Running In The Labyrinth
14. Eruption
15. The Final Bang
16. Scherzo In E Minor

Many people are tired of Power Metal, I'm one of them, it has become unoriginal, repetitive, and I can't stand to hear one more tale about dragons and brave knights, the chances that a new Power Metal band comes around and impress me are few, fortunately this is not the case, because I'm a fan of Arachnes, which, by the way means spider in Greek.

I become acquainted with this Italian quartet couple of years ago with their excellent "Parallel Worlds", and never missed a release since then.
Maybe we can study the evolution of Arachnes music based on their covers, let's see, "Parallel Worlds", the 2001 release had a great cover, really inspired, and was a great album, "The Goddess Temple", 2001 re-release had a pretty average cover... and it was an average release, except for one or two excellent songs, then came 2002 release "Apocalypse" with an horrible cover, and who knows? It was a mediocre album.
So as soon I received this on the mail, I looked at the cover, and.... didn't like it at all, damn, let's hope that this "good cover/good album" is not a pattern.

Luckily, as soon I listened track 2 after the intro (track 1) my fears vanished, "Battle To Victory" is a great song containing all the right elements, great keyboards, big and catchy choruses, double bass, excellent vocal performance, yes!! They're back! Ok, don't get carried away, let's hear the rest of the album, "Primary Fear" and "The Warning" are two strong songs as well, full of rich melodies and amazing musicianship, now I can say it for real, Yes!! They're back!

15 tracks here, and 7 are instrumental, classical music influences are here as always, with Arachnes is never weird to listen instruments like harpsichords and Hammond organs, because they know damn well how to use them! Especial mention to the song "My Son And I" first because is a great ballad, and second because is nice thing to dedicate a song to one's son, you know, ballads are not exclusive of broken hearts and lovin' souls...

Anyway, Arachnes made thing up for last year release, I'm glad. Let's hope that next release will be better than this one, and that they'll search better for a good cover art.

Written by Undercraft | 06.10.2004



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18.11.2007 - 01:11
To Arms!
i really enjoy this album specially the self titled track
Stay Metal !!!

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