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Machine Men - Machine Men review


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Band: Machine Men
Album: Machine Men
Release date: 2002

01. Men Inside The Machine
02. Eye Of The Truth
03. The Slave Trade
04. Enjoy Insanity
05. Aces High [Iron Maiden cover]

Someone has been listening way too much Iron Maiden! Machine Men comes with their self-titled Ep containing 5 tracks of classic Heavy Metal á la Maiden.
Everybody has to have influences right? And let's see it this way, you like Iron Maiden? Because I do, and if you like that band, why not accept more bands with similar style? That's what I think when I heard acts labeled as "copycats" (not that Machine Men has been labeled like that), of course if you don't like Maiden at all, there's nothing for you here.

As I was saying, Machine Men Ep brings us 5 songs, one of them is a cover song, of Iron Maiden of course, but we'll get to that later.
The first track, "Men Inside The Machine" is a great fast paced and melodic song, and has the Maiden trademark all over. Parviainen , the singer has a really good voice and has no troubles reaching those high notes. "Eye Of The Truth" is more diversified and has more influences from the eighties, while "The Slave Trade" has a more dark atmosphere. "Enjoy Insanity" is more filled with more "happy" tunes than the others, and has a commercial edge, last but not least is Iron Maiden's cover, the classic "Aces High" from the Powerslave album, and let me tell you that the resemblance to the original version is frightening, Parviainen can handle with ease every note of the song, very good cover song, although I still prefer the original.

Machine Men offer us 5 very different songs, the band shows a lot of potential despite their young age, best of lucks to these guys, and I hope to hear their full-length very soon.

Written by Undercraft | 09.10.2004


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