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Warfect - Depicting The Warmachine review


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Band: Warfect
Album: Depicting The Warmachine
Release date: November 2009

01. Creation
02. Heathen Reigns
03. Depicting The Macabre
04. Symbol Of Submission
05. I Factor
06. Supervised Life
07. Never To Return
08. Harvest Of Trinity
09. Truth Unfold
10. Atrocity

Thrash from Sweden anyone? Let me introduce Warfect, a four piece outfit dedicated to playing thrash the heavy way. Founded in 2003 and with two promo CDs already under the belt they released their debut two months ago.

Sepultura and Machine Head are definitely big influences for these guys. Warfect takes their sounds and infuses them with very melodic solos and quite a few 'modern' touches. Groove, aggression and a huge amount of double bass sums Depicting The Macabre up pretty nicely if you ask me (Well, that's what you're automatically doing by reading my review anyway).

I'll have to admit that I'm really not a big fan of the shouts that make up for most of the vocal-work on this CD. Can't say that they're bad per se, but they're definitely not my thing, the growling is more to my liking. Guitar-wise this album has quite a few things to offer, however they seem to suffer a bit from the production, probably they could have sounded a lot more powerful. Unfortunately the drumming sounds rather monotone throughout the 40 minutes of Depicting The Macabre. It's almost always fast and it does get the job done, but it just doesn't do much more than that.

To sum things up, even though it might not be my thing, the musicians do know how to play their instruments. Genre-fanatics should be able to enjoy this one a lot, the more discerning thrashers are likely to criticise the lack of originality and personality though. The band gives the impression that they're still looking for their own style, I hope they'll find it in time for their follow-up effort.

By the way I've been enjoying the ballad "Never To Return" a lot. The vocals on that track are so totally Hetfield.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 5
Production: 6

Written by Bas | 21.01.2010



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25.01.2010 - 09:14
Yeah, I don't like this either. Call me a stereotyping asshole, but I've always hated European thrash, besides a handful of German albums.

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