Ghost Machinery - Haunting Remains review


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Band: Ghost Machinery
Album: Haunting Remains
Release date: December 2004

01. World Of Unbelievers
02. Blinded Eyes
03. Temples Of Gold
04. Evil Within us
05. Down In Flames
06. Dreamworld
07. From The Edge Of The World
08. Darkest Hour
09. Fallen Angels
10. Heaven Or Hell
11. In Your (Evil) Dreams
12. Out In The Fields [Gary Moore cover]
13. Shadows

Theses days, it's not really easy to do the reviews of all the Power Metal bands. That's true I think that we are near of the point of saturation but however and luckily, there is some bands which try to do Power because they really live and believe in this style, and the result is that these bands at least release something which can be at the end more interesting than a majority of the actual releases of the Power Metal scene. This is clearly the case with one of the last signature of the Brazilian label Sound Riot. Ghost Machinery are from Finland, plays Power of course, but with this particular Finnish sound a la Sonata Arctica and all this other bands, and at the end, for a first album, honestly that's well done…

"Haunting Remains" is the first album of this Finnish band and for a first strike, they did something excellent. Of course don't believe that they did the big new original album of the year, they play a classic Power from Finland, but damn the songs sound really good. I think that all that come from the musicians themselves, and from the leader of the band first, Pete Ahonen. For sure, this guy is a good songwriter, he knew how to create a good bunch of good catchy songs in the pure vein of the Finish masters of the genre. If you like Sonata Arctica, Nightwish (without the female vocals of course) or even Sentenced, no need to wait a bit more, because you'll be dazzle of this album for sure. And when I talk about Sentenced, I must talk about one of the best cover on an album since a lot of time, the cover of the great song of Mr Gary Moore, "Out In The Fields" with for the vocals Mr Ville Lathiala himself. Well all that in fact, shows that Ghost Machinery are not this kind of basic and uninteresting newcomers, when a guy like Lathiala come to sing on one of your album… That's not for nothing…
Very melodic, with a lot of catchy and powerful riffs, and this particular sound of the keyboards, that a lot of Finish bands use, all the tracks of this cd are good. And when I add that Pete Ahonen is in addition a really good singer, I suppose that you understand that this album, if you are a fan of Power, is a must have.
The production of the cd is also very, very good. The cover is good, and all the artworks in the booklet are really impressive. The sound of the cd is more than correct, well really it's hard to find anything wrong and we must congratulate all the guys for their excellent work in the studio.

Well well, Ghost Machinery is a really good surprise. Their music is not really new or even original, yeah that's true, but well it's well done, and when it's well done… At the end, it's just an album that deserves to be in your cd collection. For a first release, "Haunting Remains" just show all the potentiality of this young band, which deserves to be follow... Power Metal fans, you can buy this album without any doubt…

Written by Jeff | 14.11.2004


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