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Band: Krallice
Album: Dimensional Bleedthrough
Release date: November 2009

01. Dimensional Bleedthrough
02. Autocthon
03. Aridity
04. The Mountain
05. Intraum
06. (untitled)
07. Monolith Of Possession

2008 saw scene-renowned New York musicians Mick Barr and Colin Marston form Krallice as a vehicle to explore the black metal aesthetic through their lens. Despite "Hipster!" cries from self-appointed tr00 police, their self-titled initial release was certainly interesting and intriguing. 2009 saw the band release their follow-up, Dimensional Bleedthrough.

Rather than a suffer a sophomore slump, Krallice instead showed a bit of a sophomore jump.

Dimensional Bleedthrough sees the band continuing along with an approach that is similar to other USBM stalwarts such as Wolves In The Throne Room and Weakling - tremolo picked riffs that build an atmosphere, then extending that out into long, "epic" length tracks.

What makes Krallice stand apart from rather than in the shadow of their fellow American black metallers is their approach still harkens back to their more exploratory, musically unconventional origins. There is a little more going on in the riffing… the guitars and bass (actually very audible!) roam around a bit, but all tethered to the central theme. It's not twin guitars duplicating a riff, or one just duplicating it elsewhere on the fretboard, it's two distinct approaches combined into one loosely coordinated whole.

At times the attack really works and is quite amazing, whereas at other times - here and there, as in one of the recurring riffs on the title track - it feels a tad odd or even awkward, almost like a black metal interpretation of a riff found in an extended jam by neo-hippies Phish. (That's hippies, not hipsters. Don't get them confused.)

At other times, the almost proggy tremolo note riffs are replaced just by an ambient wall of sound approach incorporating feedback, distortion, and lots of space, as in the epic "Monolith Of Possession."

The vocals, duties split between the screech of Mick Barr and the deeper growl of bassist Nick McMaster, appear sparsely… most of the album is simply dedicated to the atmosphere developed by the music itself.

I liked the album on first listen, not so much as their self titled first release. However, as I've subjected myself repeatedly to it over the course of plotting and formulating this review, I've found it's continued to grow on me a bit with each listen. I prefer it to their initial offering, and i thoroughly enjoy it, tr00 police be damned.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9


Written on 24.02.2010 by BitterCOld has been officially reviewing albums for MetalStorm since 2009.


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08.03.2010 - 01:54
Urban Monster
Tr00 police be damned haha ! Sounds like this would be fitting for me then.
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08.03.2010 - 02:10
I have this album but I haven't listened to it yet.
I really like the first album a lot.
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08.03.2010 - 08:29
Nice to see this commented on.

Reg, it's a bit of a grower. usually on an album the first track is the best, it sets the pace/tempo/mood... in this case, it is likely the weakest of the lot. this one is more a grower than the s/t release... one of the reasons why it took me a while to appreciate it, and one of the reasons i think i like it more.
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08.03.2010 - 09:07
I bought this not too long ago and I like it as well. It starts off really good but gets a little tedious and repetitive at some points, but overall it was worth the money. Nice review -
25.03.2010 - 05:35
Urban Monster
I took a chance and bought both their albums yesterday. For one thing, these guys are different. This isn't the black metal many are accustomed to hearing and I think that's especially apparent on their first cd. I think the guitar fusioning is pretty cool and refreshing. However, what sets these guys apart the most from the BM scene is their everchanging time signatures especially on their self-titled. The first album is some pretty complex black metal, I was kind of pleasantly surprised.

The thing is, these guys carry their songs on a bit too long for my liking and some of their riffs are as you said, awkward and out of place.

The stuff isn't extroardinary but is kind of neat in the end. I prefer their S/T because it's a little more varied and interesting. I was impressed with the closer track on Dimensional Bleedthrough though.
Any man can stand adversity, but to test his character give him power - A. Lincoln
09.02.2011 - 08:01
Doit Like Bernie
I really wanted to like the album but after a few listens it just makes me want to listen to more interesting BM. Thought the atmosphere was a bit weak compared to other American atmosphere-inducing bm bands.
09.02.2011 - 14:09
Written by Visioneerie on 25.03.2010 at 05:35

The thing is, these guys carry their songs on a bit too long for my liking

I think it's the only weakness this band have. For me, it's not a problem because I like long songs. After all, I'm listening mostly to Black Metal nowadays, so I'm used to long songs. I feel sometimes it is a bit stretched. Most of their songs are around 10 minutes long and it can reach 15 minutes (the last song on "Dimensional Bleedthrough" even reaches almost 19 minutes long).
Songs tend to be longer on this album than the first, with much less vocals. I think the combination of very long songs + few vocal parts can be not easy to digest for some people.

I really like Krallice until now and I'm looking forward to the next album (supposed to be released this year) but I would understand perfectly if some people came to say that this music is tedious to listen to and a test of endurance. It is surely not for me but it can be for others, depending on your tastes.
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