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Band: Rain
Album: Dad Is Dead
Release date: April 2008

01. 8 Bar
02. Blind Fury
03. Mr. 2 Words
04. Love In The Back
05. Rain Are Us
06. Red Kiss
07. The Party
08. Last Friday
09. Dad Is Dead
10. Swan Tears
11. The Reason
12. Bang Bus
13. Rain [The Cult cover]

Rain is all but newcomer and can even be considered as one of the first hard rock Heavy metal band from Italy. Like all the bands which used to play music at the beginning of the 90's this is not so easy for them to play something absolutely new and modern and Dad Is Dead strongly smells old school metal but obviously our guys know how to do such kind of music and their last album is convincing. In the genre of course but still, damnly effective!

This is metal, this is melodic hard rock, Dad Is Dead is a really cool album of rock, that's all. Sure Rain is not especially innovative but the music of the Italian band remains well done and straight to your face. I mean that I like to listen to 90's music and this one perfectly do what must be do. This is entertaining, the choruses can be easily remembered, the melodies stay in your head, this is effective yes. On the other hand it remains classic and Rain doesn't take any risks with this release and if you're not especially attracted by 90's you shouldn't be returned by this album. It works, this is good melodic hard rock without any problem or let down but this is classic to death and can be boring if you're looking for something with a real unique soul. That's always the same problem with all these bands, they're good no doubt but not surprising, this is a bit like Germany in football, they don't have Ronaldinho, this is not crazy, but in the end they win!

The performance of the musicians is correct and the voice of Francesco is good and attractive. The recording is not so bad, not so modern too but still it remains correct and doesn't kill the music. Note too that you'll find a really well done cover of The Cult which features Steve Sylvester and Freddy Delirio of Death SS.Despite the cover which is just too cliché and won't attract lot of people, the whole album is solid and should please fans of the genre.

Rain is a good band and their music is not bad at all. Their last album won't push them to the top of the top but they won't have to be ashamed of what they've done here. Dad Is Dead remains a good album in the genre and is recommended to all the people who like to remember 90's. The other ones could check it too, after all if you like melodic music, you should find some things for you here.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 14.03.2010



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14.03.2010 - 21:33
I know them. I saw a gig with Pino Scotto in Rome.

They are really Heavy Metal as i want to listen to.
Føroyar mítt land

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Føroyar mín Móðir
16.03.2010 - 23:28
Man, these guys are some of my best metal friends. They just rock, in and out the stage, they are some of the most crazy boys I've ever met, and I'll never stop listening to this record without a tinge of pride for having sung the title track along with Francesco during a concert somewhere near Bologna. I love this album!

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