Angra - Temple Of Shadows
6 September 2004

01. Deus Le Volt!
02. Spread Your Fire [feat. Sabine Edelsbacher]
03. Angels And Demons
04. Waiting Silence
05. Wishing Well
06. The Temple Of Hate [feat. Kai Hansen]
07. The Shadow Hunter
08. No Pain For The Dead [feat. Sabine Edelsbacher]
09. Winds Of Destination [feat. Hansi Kürsch]
10. Sprouts Of Time
11. Morning Star
12. Late Redemption [feat. Milton Nascimento]
13. Gate XIII

I'm a fan of Angra, since the beginning and I must admit that their "split" if I can use this word was a really big disappointment for me. Their first album through the new area of the band "Rebirth" wasn't a good one for me, not because of the new musicians, but it was just uncoloured in comparison of the others albums of the band. But on the other hand, I totally understand that it's not easy to release a great and amazing album just after a real turnover in the line-up of a band. Then, I was waiting a lot this new album "Temple Of Shadows", and damn that's totally different... Yeah I must say it, this time I just took a big good nice kick in my ass… "Temple Of Shadows" is just an amazing and beautiful album…

"This record describes - in a few words - the saga of a knight crusader known as The Shadow Hunter, who joins the army of the Pope on the late XI century". This little sentence says it all, the new Angra is a concept album, a pure book of History which relate stories about crusaders during the XI centuries. This time of course, no Andre Matos for all the writings, but three men, Falaschi, Loureiro and Bittencourt for the music and the lyrics. With in addition of course we can't forget the two others members Felipe Andreoli for the Bass [he is very good you will see it with some really excellent fretless solos], Aquiles Priester on the Drums, and a legion of guests, Mr Hansi Kursch & Kay Hansen, Mrs Sabine Edelsbacher, Denis Ward and even Milton Nascimento [a very famous Brazilian singer…].
I think that Angra choose two follow two different lines this time. On a side, "Temple Of Shadows" sound certainly more Power Metal than before, but don't worry that's good Power Metal not a pale poor copy like we have every time these days, and on the other side, this album is certainly more Progressive. If some songs like the great "Spread Your Fire" or the excellent Winds Of Destination [with Hansi] really sound Power Metal, some other songs like "The Shadow Hunter" with his fantastic Flamenco arpeggio or "Sprouts of Time" with an excellent Salsa break and "Late Redemption" which it touches of Bossa clearly sound more Progressive and avant-gardist. Believe me that's good sometime to forget a bit the frozen plains of the north to have some good songs born in the moistness of the Latin lands. Of course some songs are in the pure vein of the old Angra a bit more classic, but in fact this album is complete you have a lot diversity in it and that's really good.
Angra musicians are all very good, the two guitarist will impressed you with their very technical solo, and even Edu Falaschi with his voice which is a lot deeper than the one of Andre Matos, is not bad at all… Then of course that's hard to compare him to one of the best singer ever, but if he was not convincing on Rebirth, this time he is clearly more than ok, and I have the feeling that he is really taking self assurance, that's a good point for the band.
The production of the album is really good too, even if sometime all that is a bit over-produced on some songs but well honestly we are near of the perfection and I don't talk about the booklet and the cover…
Well my only regret with this album is maybe the fact that we don't have any real killer songs, don't misunderstand me, this album is great and all the songs are more than good and catchy, but we don't have any "Carry On", "Carolina VI", or "Nothing to Say" … Of course I suppose that the band don't want this kind of comparison, but well WE the fans can't avoid it… These songs are Angra songs after all…

But anyway, this new album is a really good one, and I can only recommend it to all the fans of great Heavy Metal and also to all the ones who, like me, was disappointed by their precedent album. If "Rebirth" wasn't a real [or good] rebirth [if I can say that…] this time with this "Temple Of Shadow", Angra is definitely back. Then you know what you just have to do, go to your records shop and buy this "Temple Of Shadow". Me, well I already have it, then I'm just waiting impatiently the next gigs of the band which will be all over the world next year for its new tour…

Band profile: Angra
Album: Temple Of Shadows


written by Jeff | 06.12.2004

Guest review by

Sometimes I should eat my own words. Why do I go talking about an album being the best? Because I believed nothing could prove me wrong. When you love a song or album so much nothing can make you change. And I thought I wasn't going to change.

I did. Well, maybe I will. Because even I said Voimasta Ja Kunniasta was the best metal album, or at least the one I loved the most, now I may change my opinion. This, my friends, is the best metal album. Or maybe I just should stop talking shit and just say that any album I rate as perfect (you won't find a lot of them) can be my favorite.

published 09.10.2006 | Comments (17)


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Pianoman - 25.06.2006 at 22:09  
The second best of all Angra's album! The best of course is Holy Land!
But this is a masterpiece too. With progressive touch this album is so much better than Rebirth that is a good album too but is not a masterpiece like this one. This album has everything: is symphonic, progressive, has beauty ballads and power songs.

Highlights: Angels and Demons, Waiting Silence, No Pain For The Dead, Sprouts of Time and The Shadow Hunter.
Baz Anderson - 28.06.2006 at 23:56  
yes - this album is definatly better then 'Rebirth'
i really love this album - one of the best power metal albums i can think of
i would probably say this was my favorite Angra album as well, over the first two
Zendrian - 08.07.2006 at 10:53  
I really admire the lyrics of this album they tell a fantastic story whit a message
hidden in the complex story.
I enjoy reading the lyrics almoust like listening this exelent album.
Each song lyric has an introduction that will guide you through the story.:idea:

Highlights:Spread Your Fire,No Pain For The Dead,The Shadow Hunter.
Cloud Strife - 02.09.2006 at 08:32  
For me, it is the best Angra's album.
It is perfect.
It is heavy.
It is beauty.
And, of course, it is metal.
A more progressive metal. More than any other Angra's album.
More heavy musics, more beauty lyrics.
This is, at least for me, THE ALBUM.

My favorite songs: Deus Le Volt / Spread Your Fire, The Shadow Hunter and Morning Star
Talvi - 24.09.2006 at 18:46  
No highlights? Of course. When an album is perfect, nothing shines more than a sun
Kanon - 04.10.2006 at 23:25  
This album is amazing, one of the best albums of angra and one of the best power metal albums forever.

Highlights: Spread Your Fire, Angels and Demons, Temple of hate, Winds of Destination and The Shadow Hunter
marillionfan - 23.10.2006 at 10:52  
One word: Masterpiece. A must have for all power metal and progressive metal fans.
FFC - 29.10.2006 at 19:10  
The best music album of all time
Talvi - 14.12.2006 at 04:49  
Written by Guest on 02.09.2006 at 08:32

For me, it is the best Angra's album.
It is perfect.
It is heavy.
It is beauty.
And, of course, it is metal.
A more progressive metal. More than any other Angra's album.
More heavy musics, more beauty lyrics.
This is, at least for me, THE ALBUM.

My favorite songs: Deus Le Volt / Spread Your Fire, The Shadow Hunter and Morning Star

Well dude, at least we agree on something. But I would add some more songs are favorites xD
Infurnace - 18.06.2007 at 21:04  
All the songs on this album are highlights. It's definitely the best Angra album.
Arcaliz666 - 28.06.2007 at 22:02  
With the participation of Kai Hansen, Hansi Kursch and Sabine Edelsbacher.

Best tracks : Angels And Demons, Wishing Well, The Temple Of Hate, Winds Of Destination.

Killing Track : Spreed Your Fire

One of the best Works of Angra. !!!
king of fools - 26.07.2007 at 16:37  
The songwriting is impeccable, the individual performances don't stand out because they all blend into something truly great
Pianoman - 05.10.2007 at 06:47  
A great album but for that i followed angra from the Angels Cry album I would say that this album is kind of overrated. Holy Land was the album that took this band to the next level with progressive and folk elements. The music is great, the lyrics are just fine. For me great conceptual albums are scenes from a memory of dream theater and operation mindcrime. Is the best angra album from the second era but i have the feeling that they arent inovating anymore. The last album is their worst work but still ok.
BloodTears - 10.03.2008 at 19:51  
After so much praising I feel like I should get this.
Evil Chip - 11.03.2008 at 02:51  
Great album with great songs and concept.
Powerslavex - 27.11.2008 at 16:42  
Brillient album Angra's best, i like nearly all of the tracks, once again the way Angra mixes different styles is great
Uirapuru - 11.04.2009 at 11:44  
Exellent work.
MeTalRea|istiK - 03.09.2010 at 11:38  
B4 this album,holy land is the best angra album for me..but now temple of shdow has win my heart..1st day i buy this album i already listened 7 times(marathon over and over again with darklyrics website in my computer)..and i still remember my mom shouting 'turn off the radio.i'm boring with that music..turn somthing new!!!)

angra 4eva!!!
BlankFile - 23.02.2011 at 23:48  
The best album of Angra ever! From start to finish is intense and magnificent!

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