Negative - War Of Love review


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Band: Negative
Album: War Of Love
Release date: March 2003

01. Lost Soul
02. Naive
03. After All
04. Misery
05. The Moment Of Our Love
06. Inspiration
07. 1000 Nails In My Heart
08. Bleeding
09. Goodbye
10. Last Hero
11. Still Alive
12. Loving You [Limited edition bonus]
13. Childhood Memories [Limited edition bonus]
14. Bleeding [acoustic version] [Limited edition bonus]
+ The Moment Of Our Love [video] [Limited edition bonus]
+ Extra video materials [Limited edition bonus]

The first thing the strikes me when I hear this is "HIM". But don't think that this is a "HIM" copy band, 'cause it's not, actually its not that alike. It has sad lyrics and they play in the same league that "HIM", but that about all that's like "HIM" to. "Negative" somehow play a little happier than "HIM", the guitar riffs are a bit rawer and Jonne Aaron (Vocals) isn't like Ville, not a bit, he uses his voice precisely as he should do, on his own way. And what I meant with "Little happier than "HIM" was that they don't do songs, as sad and slow as "HIM" does, yes the lyrics is sad, but the music is somehow not that sad.

Many of you maybe will stop reading as soon as you see what they play for kind of music, well, that's you decision, but sadly you will miss a great group, well yes they are Radio Influenced, but they are really good and their lyrics really touch you deeply.

"War of Love" is their debut album, but they are not that fresh in the music business 'cause "Negative's" history goes back to 1997 when the band was established.
And they have played live a lot through the years and built a good reputation for themselves.
They are quite big in their home country Finland and now it's time for them to try to strike outside of the Finnish border. And I think they can succeed with that, as long as they ride on the road that "HIM" have created, the Melancholy Gothic Rock road.

There is a lot of good songs on this record and there is really not one that is very bad, but there is a quite big jump between some of them 'cause some is to poppy for my taste, but the sad, melancholy songs is really great.
Some songs that is better than the others are:

"Lost Soul" the first track on the album, it have a great melody, maybe the best on the whole album, and the chorus part is outstanding. Jonne does a tremendous job on the song, maybe the best on the record.

"The Moment of Our Love" was one of the singles to the record and one of their biggest songs; many have this as their favorite track.
It's to a quite sad song, but with a bit more happy way to play it, no "fall-down-and-cry" song, but a really solid track.
You get the video to this track on the album as well.

"1000 Nails in My Heart" This track has really great lyrics and some killer riffs in the beginning, this to is one of the more sad track, those ones I like.

"Goodbye" Yes, you had right, this is a sad song to, and this to have really killer riffs; this is one "Negative's" distinguishing feature. And the lyric part is as great as ever.

The rest of the songs s good, but this four is the ones I hold as my favorites on this record.

So if you are much for Melancholy Gothic Rock, check these Finnish guys up, I don't thinků. No, I know that you won't get disappointed.

Killing Songs: As I said, "Lost Soul", "The Moment of Our Love", "1000 Nails in My Heart" & Goodbye".

Written by Malcolm | 10.12.2004


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