Ayreon - Sail Away To Avalon review


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Band: Ayreon
Album: Sail Away To Avalon
Release date: 1995

01. Sail Away To Avalon [radio edit version]
02. Charm Of The Seer
03. Nature's Dance [home-demo version]
04. Eyes Of Time [previously unreleased studio version]

There were several reasons to release "Sail Away To Avalon" as a single accompanying Ayreon's debut album "The Final Experiment". Probably most important behind it is that this song features vocals by Golden Earring's singer Barry Hay -- undoubtedly the biggest name on the album. In a way this single tried to use his name as a springboard to catch attention. The album did become a success despite the fact that single didn't make it big-time.

Alongside radio edited version of "Sail Away To Avalon" this single features "Charm Of The Seer" as it appears on the album. The good addition is home-demo of "Nature's Dance" with Arjen Anthony Lucassen himself on vocals. On alternative version "Eyes Of Time" vocals are done by Leon Goewie. To be frank I like this version just a trifle bit more than the version with Lenny Wolf though they are really close to each other.

All in all "Sail Away To Avalon" is a logical choice for the single though it might not the most interesting or versatile one. It is a catchy track though. I really like that "The Charm Of The Seer" was included because this one is really an interesting track. With the exception of "Nature's Dance" the emphasis was placed on more heavier songs. I think the single might have benefited from something even more contrasting like "Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy" for example.


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