Lacrimas Profundere - La Naissance D'Un Rêve review


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Band: Lacrimas Profundere
Album: La Naissance D'Un Rêve
Release date: 1997

01. A Fairy's Breath
02. Priamus
03. Lilienmeer
04. The Gesture Of The Gist
05. An Orchid For My Withering Garden
06. Enchanted And In Silent Beauty

1996 and Lacrimas Profundere release their second official release after their very promising debut album "…And The Wings Embraced Us" (1995), "La Naissance D'Un Reve", "the birth of a dream". The album is indeed a dream, a bitter one, coming to life as its bleak and deeply melancholic melodies start to echo overrunning the listener, penetrating his fragile soul, filling him with hollow grey emotions.

"La Naissance D'Un Reve" is an opus to pure melancholy and every single sound is made of a burning picture from the past. The guitar riffing is slow and doomy, the rhythm section lends groove to the compositions and the emotional piano pieces, the imposing symphonic keyboard melodies and the heart-rending violin pieces evoke a sorrowful bleak atmosphere in the air along with the beautiful female vocals and Christopher Schmid's descriptive deep grunts at times, emotional reciting at others. Generally, everything consisting of this album is at the same time deeply emotional and utterly inspired harmonizing beautifully the sounds of the soul and the colors of the heart into 6 compositions, the 6 parts of the dream…

You start losing yourself into the dream as "A Fairy's Breath" surrounds you; Christopher's voice is utterly descriptive whether he recites or grunts in calmness or in emotional ecstasy interpreting lyrics made of bitterness and of dream harmonizing wonderfully with the slow doomy guitar riffing, the bleak piano melodies and the violin's heart-rending sound enriching the grey soundscape with even darker colors along with some desperate female vocals that make their appearance at times. It seems that after the one great song comes after the other and "Priamus" which follows is one of them, another opus of sadness and of pain. You drown deeper and deeper into the dream with the guitar riffing and the guitar chords' melodies overrunning you as Christopher's heart-rending voice pierces your bleeding soul so deep inside; the song ranges from soft dreamy melancholic parts to emotional outbursts with Christopher grunting in anger and pain escalating the emotional charge of the song. The melancholic piano ending of "Priamus" leads to the heart-rending piano opening of the following "Lilienmeer" making you drown in your very own esoteric thoughts…

…where you keep on suffocating as "The Gesture of the Gist" starts echoing with the keyboard and the violin melodies enchanting in bereavement the listener as the song goes on. For one more time Christopher is utterly expressive giving meaning to every single word he utters, words of the heart echoing from his angry throat in pain as the distressful guitar riffing and the serene guitar chords accompany him harmonizing with the aching piano melodies; the emotional parts drown you in sadness whereas the outbursts make you feel anger while in deep pain escalating the song. The album flows in deep mourning tones with the wailing "An Orchid For My Withering Garden", a composition based on Christopher's reciting and an ethereal female voice harmonizing beautifully with him as the bittersweet guitar chords, the bleak violin pieces and the piano and keyboard melodies accompany them in pure drama leading slowly to the end of the dream with the elegiac "Enchanted In Silent Beauty". Christopher shows the grandeur of his voice as he interprets the poetic lyrics in an exceptional descriptive way as the doomy guitar riffing, the piano, the violin and the keyboard melodies and the imposing rhythm section evoke the ideal musical background and atmosphere for him to paint the soundscape with colors of the heart.

"La Naissance D'Un Reve" is a monumental album moving in lyrical doom/death metal soundscapes balancing between reality and fairytale, dreams and nightmares…


Written on 03.01.2005 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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13.01.2009 - 16:57
Amber Mazda
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I think this album was a mutation in death/doom metal genre...better say : that was a miracle !

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