Lordi - The Monster Show review


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Band: Lordi
Album: The Monster Show
Release date: February 2005

Disc I
01. Threatical Trailer
02. Bring It On
03. Blood Red Sandman
04. My Heaven Is Your Hell
05. Would you Love A Monsterman
06. Devil Is A Loser
07. Icon Of Dominance
08. The Children Of The Night
09. Shotgun Divorce
10. Forsaken Fashion Dolls
11. Wake The Snake
12. Rock The Hell Outa You

Disc II [bonus DVD]
01. Blood Red Sandman (video)
02. Devil Is A Loser (video)
03. Would You Love A Monsterman (video)

Lordi, hum, if we want a real good polemical band, damn we have a good one here he he ). Not because of their music itself or not in reason of their lyrics, but because of all their "promotional campaign"… A promotional campaign? Yeah Lordi and their manager / label are one of the best Metal band on Earth when it come to sell cd. Like a real hurricane of the charts, Lordi is becoming a real phenomenon only because that the very impressive number of their fans is equal to the number of people who hate them. And the best example to show that Lordi is a very good band to "sell" CD is this new compilation "The Monster Show".

A best off after only 2 CDs? Yeah that's possible with Lordi… Let met explain to you how and why:
Lordi have only released two CDs, "Get Heavy" and "The Monsterican Dream", through the label Drakkar. But certainly in reason of their great success, they just got a deal with Mayan Records. Damn, who is under this new and very original label??? Well I have the answer, the big label from Germany… Sanctuary Records. Ha ha I guess that like me, you are thinking that this "Mayan Records" smells the jackpot with Lordi… Because really I don't see any interest to do a best-of after only 2 albums…
I understand that a lot of metalheads dislike Lordi, for sure if it's Metal we are more near of a really commercial Glam than anything else, but however I can't say that their music is bad. No no, I don't think that Lordi is a bad band, their songs are really catchy, and I think that we are more in the same spirit of all these bands of the 80's like Europe and their "Final Countdown", Lordi is the band for your party and all this kind of things. You see what I mean, Lordi is not the best band on Earth, their compositions are certainly a bit easy, but every time, this is CATCHY. And yeah I can understand why a lot of people like them, that's not a shame at the opposite. And honestly I must admit that the melodies of a "Blood Red Sandman" or "Rock The Hell Outa You" aren't unpleasant if you are, like me, a fan of the Hard FM of the 80's / 90's.
But however I don't see any interest to do this best-of which is a compilation of the half of their two albums… Is it not better to have a new album? Or at least to wait some months before the release of anything new? Yeah I think so.

Hum in fact, if I can do some recommendation with this album, I will just ask you to ignore this cd, if at the base you don't like Lordi because there is nothing new. If you are a fan of the band, that's same, I suppose that you have all their cd anyway, then… For the others, if you want to discover this combo from Finland, well you can try their music through this album, at least their best songs are in this compilation, but however I think that you could try to find their 2 first releases, that's maybe the best solution. At the end, if I can't blame the music of Lordi, I will blame this album which only smells money. That's the reason of my rating...

Written by Jeff | 03.01.2005



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17.09.2011 - 21:24
Cuca Beludo
Account deleted
Yeah, an compilation after only two CD's released is kinda unecessary, I couldn't agree more with you. But I rated it with an 7... Good songs, anyway

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