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Tears - Memories Of Things Unnecessary review

Band: Tears
Album: Memories Of Things Unnecessary
Release date: 2010

01. Time Master (Radio)
02. Things Imaginary (Radio)
03. Time Master - Memories
04. Time Master - I Just Want To Forget
05. Things Imaginary - A Childhood Dream
06. Things Imaginary - A Hurtful Reality
07. Trendy De-commercialization - Sleeping Level 9, Hypnotic Patterns... Consuming Zombies
08. Trendy De-commercialization - Awakening, Products We Don't need... Mind Manipulating Tacktics Of Greed
09. Trendy De-commercialization - Going Back To Sleep, This Time Free...A New Age Born...?

It's been a while that I follow the musical road of Tears a young band of progressive metal from Greece. On every demo that they've released, the combo was surprising and original, with a really unique sound. The less that I can say is that Memories Of Things Unnecessary follow this trend, in a good but also… in a bad way.

Tears has always been original, all their songs are progressive, on a side melancholic (like the new [band]Anathema[/ban]) and powerful (a la Evergrey). The half of their new EP Memories Of Things Unnecessary is not different… Why do I talk about "the half"? Actually the first part of the album is really good music like Tears usually produces. Melancholic, with good progressive parts (guitars solo, psychedelic keyboards etc) and some good powerful riffs. It's well done works pretty well and gives me good hopes for the future first album of the band. But what happen on the last three songs is absolutely not understandable. These songs are some kind of electronic tracks with some spoken words and if I can understand that it's a part of the story, I don't really understand why this is so long because in the end this is just boring and useless. Shorter, it could be some good interludes in a long album but on this EP, it simply doesn't work and people will only listen to the first tracks to ignore these ones… I'm maybe missing something but I don't get it…

I suppose that you get what I mean, Memories Of Things Unnecessary has good moments but bad ones too… I must say however, that the first tracks are a lot better than the ones of the previous demos and this is the same with the production. The band is growing up in a good way but I hope that they will not turn into some electro progressive combo in the future…

It's time to release a first full length album! I'm sure that Tears could kick our asses, but I hope that they will do what they do well, real metal. Have a look at Memories Of Things Unnecessary though, half of the album is excellent, just forget its end…

Written by Jeff | 09.08.2010



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11.08.2010 - 07:49
Cool band, the vocals sound really good, especially on Time Master, i'll be keeping my eye out for this band

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