Crematory - Infinity review


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Band: Crematory
Album: Infinity
Release date: January 2010

01. Infinity
02. Sense Of Time
03. Out Of Mind
04. Black Celebration [Depeche Mode cover]
05. Never Look Back
06. Broken Halo
07. Where Are You Now
08. A Story About...
09. No One Knows
10. Auf Der Flucht

Crematory need no special explanations concerning either who they are or what they have offered, playing their part in the gothic metal scene, while being around for almost 20 years. Two years after Pray they are back with a better album in my opinion, Infinity, their 11th full-length offering.

Tip number 1: The band members blend quite well together, after all, how couldn' t this happen? They have been around as a team for many years, it's not only a matter of inspiration, but of chemistry and harmony as well.

Tip number 2: Infinity consists of ten compositions, something positive in my point of view. Personally, I am often tired of releases with many songs, some of them in the best of conditions being mediocre. Henceforth, in this album you press the "play" button and before you start getting bored from duration or meaningless songs it ends leaving a beautiful and pleasing impression.

Tip number 3: Maturity in sound, Crematory is one of those bands that have mastered it. You cannot hear progression anymore, but you know they are professionals enough so that if they are in inspiration mood you'll get something at least good. And Infinity is good; so is the production.

Tip number 4: The succesful marriage of aggressive and melodic vocals.

Tip number 5: The heavy guitar riffing and the melodic chords. The ethereal, floating keyboard passages and the more electronic ones, offering diversity.

Tip number 6: The title-track which serves as a strong opener, aggressive and melodic at the same time, sums up well the dual world of the album in five minutes, making you want to keep on listening.

Tip number 7: The haunting assault of "Where Are You Now".

Tip number 8: The magnificent "A Story About" which keeps your interest at high levels.

Tip number 9: The beautiful ballads "Broken Halo" and "Auf Der Flucht".

Tip number 10: An interesting opinion on Depeche Mode's "Black Celebration".

There is no tip number 11, all in all, Infinity is a good album from a band that knows how to offer pleasing to the ear compositions still, despite having nothing new to say in terms of progress, at least for now. With these having been said, if you like Crematory's sound throughout the later years, you will pretty much enjoy Infinity, otherwise try Act Seven at first and if you like it, listen from a friend to their later releases and the choice is yours.

"Noone knows the dreams you dream."

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 6
Production: 9


Written on 09.09.2010 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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09.09.2010 - 14:14
Account deleted
Interesting review style. I haven't listened to Crematory since Revolution (which I really liked) so it might be time to see how they've been doing since. I'll endeavor to check this out.
15.09.2010 - 01:10
A small correction about Tip 9. It should be "Broken Halo", not Black Halo.
I am NOT a musician, so I do not judge bands by skill. I judge them on how I like the sound.
15.09.2010 - 01:13
Written by Estix on 15.09.2010 at 01:10

A small correction about Tip 9. It should be "Broken Halo", not Black Halo.

Goddamn! Thanks mate!
Dec. 30, 1334.

...And the whiskey and wine entered our veins when blood was too weak to carry on.
15.09.2010 - 02:33
Most welcome =) Always happy to assist minor or major errors!
I am NOT a musician, so I do not judge bands by skill. I judge them on how I like the sound.
12.11.2010 - 21:04
Account deleted
A pretty good album, I listened to it out of nostalgia and curiosity - What's doing Crematory these days?

The only problem with the album is the cover of Black Celebration which i did not like.

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