Dreamaker - Human Device review


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Band: Dreamaker
Album: Human Device
Release date: 2004

01. Dream Machines (Intro)
02. The Eye Of War
03. Nightmares Factory
04. Without Angels
05. Killing
06. Enemy
07. Forever In Your Arms
08. Alone Again
09. Welcome To My Hell
10. Eternal Love
11. Crystaline Eyes
12. Awakening (Outro)
13. Sleepwalker [Japanese bonus]
14. Tears Of Blood [Japanese bonus]

Soon after the big split-up in Spain's Dark Moor, the announcement of a new band soon came out, a band formed by the three that left Dark Moon, Elisa C. Martin (Vocals), Albert Moroto (Guitars) and Jorge Saez (Drums).
They picked up the name Dreamaker (or DreaMaker), and then we had two bands out of one.
Dark Moor has released their first album with the new line-up, and now it's time for Dreamaker to do release theirs.

It was sometime back in 2003 this terrible, at first, news hit me, the band with the lovely singer Elisa had splitted up. But luckily this was quite a good news, since Dark Moor is going fine and Elisa got Dreamaker now, I can live with it.
Anyway, after adding Matías Sosa (Guitars), Carlos Peña (Bass) and Roberto P. Camus (Old Dark Moor member, Keyboard) Dreamaker was ready to rock. (After the recordings, Roberto left the band)
The debut was recorded in Sonic Pump Studios in Finland and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox.

As you can guess, the production is out of complain here, but what else can we hope for when it's recorded in Finland?
As for the music it self, it's a strange history. Sometimes it sounds like the old Dark Moor (maybe not so strange, since two of three main songwriters from the old time, write it all here, Albert music (together with Jorge on some songs) and Elisa lyrics), and sometimes like something whole new, but still Elisa's vocals give the songs an extra push. No one, and I mean No one can sing the word "understand" better than her.

Unfortunately there is a hit-song missing on this album, there is a lot of good ones, like "Forever in Your Arms", "Alone Again" & "Welcome to My Hell", but still I miss one, maybe two, really good songs, that could lift the album to heights that other good bands are in.
But we shall not forget that this is a debut, left give them some albums so maybe they will create a superB album.

One little extra thing is the nice guest-musicians they have, guys like Ark666 (Impale Nazarene), Robin Wickman (Lovestone), Pasi Rantanen & Nino Laurenne (Thunderstone) is helping them out.

Overall I like the album, but it took some spins before I got into it, but songs like the already mention "Forever in Your Arms", "Alone Again" & "Welcome to My Hell" got the stamp "Favourite songs" this time.
First one sounds like a song that could fit one of the first Dark Moor albums, very well done.
But still, there is something missing to do this to an album that will hold for a long time, but as I said, let's give them some chances.
So it's 1-0 Dark Moor, this time, but I think Dreamaker will get even very soon.

Favourite Songs: "Forever in Your Arms", "Alone Again" & "Welcome to My Hell".

Written by Malcolm | 13.01.2005


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