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Band: Edenbridge
Album: Shine
Release date: October 2004

01. Shine
02. Move Along Home
03. Centennial Legend
04. Wild Chase
05. And The Road Goes On
06. What You Leave Behind
07. Elsewhere
08. October Sky
09. The Canterville Prophecy
10. The Canterville Ghost
11. On Sacred Ground [Europe limited digibook bonus]
12. Anthem [Japanese bonus]

[2013 Reissue ] (The Definitive Edition)
Disc I [The Album]
01. Shine
02. Move Along Home
03. Centennial Legend
04. Wild Chase
05. And The Road Goes On
06. What You Leave Behind
07. Elsewhere
08. October Sky
09. The Canterville Prophecy
10. The Canterville Ghost
11. On Sacred Ground
12. Anthem
13. Shine [single version]

Disc II [Instumental & Live]
01. Shine [instrumental version]
02. Move Along Home [instrumental version]
03. Centennial Legend [instrumental version]
04. Wild Chase [instrumental version]
05. And The Road Goes On [instrumental version]
06. What You Leave Behind [instrumental version]
07. Elsewhere [instrumental version]
08. October Sky [instrumental version]
09. The Canterville Prophecy [instrumental version]
10. The Canterville Ghost [instrumental version]
11. On Sacred Ground [instrumental version]
12. Wild Chase [live version]
13. Move Along Home [live version]

In the world of the Female fronted Power Metal Bands, a new album of Edenbridge, that's not anything. Evidently, that's only because they are with Nightwish and After Forever on the top of the list. If Edenbridge is a young band only formed in 1998 they have already released three albums and the last one "Shine" is certainly their most accomplished. But I think that you want to know now how is this new release… We will see in this review…

"Shine" divided my opinion. I can deny that there is a lot of good points in this album but on the other hand, I don't like some others parts of the CD. Let's go with the good points first. There is a word to describe this album, the word work. "Shine" is a pure concentration of hard work on all the points of the album. The compositions are original if some tracks sound Power, some others are more Heavy in the style and you can even find a great "Irish" song "Wild Chase". If there is a lot of variation in the musical concept, and that's a good point of course, on the other hand all that is a bit weak. There are a lot of ballads on the album, that's maybe the reason but I don't only talk about that because I have the same feeling with the Power song and their fast tempo. It's always nice and beautiful, especially because of the great voice of Sabine, but all that is a bit slow or I don't know… Yeah weak is the word…
I would like to see some fire in the music of this album, because in my opinion a band which plays Power Symphonic music must have at the end something Epic, I hope that you see what I mean, that's impossible for me to have the feeling that I'm listening a catchy and powerful music… some few songs give it actually.
However, the music of "Shine" is beautiful, this is a good album of Power because of the very talented musicians of the band. Sabine is in my opinion one of the best singer, and at least since the beginning, she is better and better each time and a good thing with her, is that she don't try to change anything in her voice.
The other good point for this album is the fact that even if the band chose to do something with a really big production, I can't feel any commercial way in it, and you all know that today a lot of bands are not lazy to fall into this really naughty spirit. This is Edenbridge, and their songs which can be a bit complex and not really easy of access sometime, are at least unique and original.
The production is also very good, and one more time Denis Ward did a really nice job with the mixing parts on an album. That's same for the artwork, as you can see all that is really nice, in the magical spirit of the band.

Then what is my conclusion with this album? I can't deny that the band did a real effort on "Shine" that's flagrant, but I don't know why, that's hard for me to fall in love with the music of this new album. As I said before maybe all that come from the flame which is missing in the music. Anyway, the fans of the band will certainly like this album, and I recommend it to all the ones who want to discover the music of Edenbridge but even if it's good, this is not a real transcendental album for me…

Written by Jeff | 01.02.2005


Guest review by
Dark Cornatus
Edenbridge, the Austrian Symphonic Power Metal band, have up to this date released three albums since their beginning in 1998, this being their fourth.

Regarding female fronted Power Metal bands, I basically thought them as just another clone before I heard them, this was the third album i heard of the band at the time, and I think for a female fronted Symphonic Power Metal effort, this album, and the others are quite distinguished from the rest of the scene. How? They create Elegant yet Powerful music, on every album. What I mean by this is there are two ways you can listen to the band. I can phase my hearing toward the Keys/Vocals, and receive this calm, sensual natured sound, one I like to hear to go to sleep for example. The second is listening to the Guitar/Drums, the band is fucking Heavy under all that softness! (A good example is the second song off the album 'Move Along Home').It is well hidden, but if you look at most of their non ballad songs, it is the same thing.

published 26.05.2006 | Comments (6)


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05.12.2007 - 22:08
I must say, the album have good tracks, and just normal other ones, there is something missing I agree with the reveiw, though it is a good album, I like the ballads been played beside song Shine for sure, these ballads really have high ranking to me personally.

And the voice of Sabine is just... smooth, warm & moving. also you can't find similar voice to her (easily)

Overall, a 7 rate or alittle less fits the album, as overall, but not to forget the good points that been offered. Thanks for the reveiw Jeff.
I saw her standing by the crimson sea...
Isolated by the silent thoughts...
Her gazing was intense but so dead...

The teardrops corroded the soil.. She couldn't say a word to me...
06.12.2007 - 12:37
Heaven Knight
when i listened to this album i only enjoyed the first track Shine...the rest somehow fell in oblivion after i finished listening...
My rest seems now calm and deep
Finally I got my dead man sleep


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