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Band: Type O Negative
Album: Bloody Kisses
Release date: August 1993

Disc I
01. Machine Screw
02. Christian Woman
03. Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)
04. Fay Wray Come Out And Play
05. Kill All The White People
06. Summer Breeze [Seals And Crofts cover]
07. Set Me On Fire
08. Dark Side Of The Womb
09. We Hate Everyone
10. Bloody Kisses (A Death In The Family)
11. 3.0.I.F.
12. Too Late: Frozen
13. Blood And Fire
14. Can't Lose You

Disc II ["Top Shelf Edition"]
01. Suspended In Dusk
02. Black Sabbath [Black Sabbath cover]
03. Black Sabbath (From The Satanic Perspective) [Black Sabbath cover]
04. Christian Woman [edited version]
05. Christian Woman [butt-kissing sell-out version]
06. Black No. 1 [edited version]
07. Blood & Fire [Out Of The Ashes mix]
08. Summer Breeze [Rick Rubin mix] [Seals And Crofts cover]

Some people say this is the best Type O Negative album and well, personally I hope they are not right as it is at times very tedious and sometimes even monotonous. Sure, the incredible, odd mixture of genres is very original, but there comes a time when there is no way possible for anyone to hear that "sexy"(for the women of course) low voice again. Ayway, let's talk about the music now.

The musicians of Type O Negative are very talented, and I mean extremely talented. The instruments are always executed in a beautiful and flawless way and the structures of the tracks are fantastic. I have no complaints about the composition and writing. Let's take "Christian Woman" as an example. Although it starts with a boring intro, after a few seconds (almost a minute) the song comes into it's own. The riffs are very deep and the distortion is powerful. The atmosphere is depressive as hell and the vocals are shivering. After almost 3 minutes the song breaks down for almost 5 seconds and then we hear the same riffs and music all over again, some cool bird effects, a cold environment, well structured bridges and downfalls and finally after 9 minutes the song finishes with the same riff it started. A brilliant piece (no, I am not being sarcastic).

There is a doom feeling all over the album and let me add that this time those doom elements are quite impressive. They help to create a whole new ambiance to the album and this is in my opinion the best thing in "Bloody Kisses". Maybe the music is sometimes tedious but the Keyboards really help to polish the tracks. The keyboard execution is magnificent and it saves the album regardless of any flaw it can possibly have. The production is incredible as the instruments sound very clean and the album never drowns the sound or music. The cover is one of the best ones in metal history, I mean come on, two girls kissing is always good no matter what, right?

To be honest, "Bloody Kisses" bored me a lot but that does not mean its a bad album. I am sure Doom and Gothic fans will worship and sleep with this album. I mean, "Bloody Kisses" was made specifically for hardcore doom/gothic fans. Don't get me wrong - I know this CD is very good and I really love the genre as I consider myself a fan of bands such as "Moonspell", "Lacrimas Profundere", "Crowhead", etc. Its just that Type O Negative did not fill my expectations.

Written by Herzebeth | 06.04.2005


Guest review by
Joey Jo Jo
The Brooklyn-based band decided to issue a disclaimer for their second album stating:"Don't Mistake Lack of Talent for Genius.". Although it's a tongue in cheek statement, over the years it can be accurately applied to them. On Bloody Kisses is where the drab four flirted with 'genius'. Type O Negative's humble start was heavily rooted in their previous incarnation as hardcore thrash band Carnivore, not dissimilar to Stormtroopers Of Death with lyrics insisting it was Peter Steele's favorite avenue for venting rage. While Slow, Deep, and Hard still had some left over bile, its not as outlandish while still retaining the trademark morbid humor of Carnivore. After the canned live album Origin of the Feces the focus of the band seemingly shifted from pissing off as many people humanely possible to trying to get laid.

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03.10.2007 - 08:37
Jason W.
This CD is something I never listen to because there are so many terrible - and as you say - monotonous tracks. "Christian Woman" and "Black No.1" are masterpieces, however, and I still listen to those tracks regularly. "Black No.1" was a huge hit when I was 15, and I remember requesting it on the local radio station repeatedly. But 2 or 3 songs does not make a great album, and this CD is barely a 7 for me - probably a little less. "October Rust" 3 years later is the band's gothic masterpiece, which expanded on all the ideas that the 2 aforementioned tracks bring forth. So no, I don't think this is the best album by the band either - though it has 2 of their best songs
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11.03.2009 - 15:25
Type O Negative really are an aquired taste, in my opinion. Their albums take a long while to really sink in (took me about 6 months), but they are so goofy and charming in their own way that I feel they are worth it. In my opinion they are one of the few bands that actually can appeal to anyone regardless of genre preference (applies to me at least, I usually don't listen to gothic metal at all).
09.04.2010 - 15:58
Liver Failure
Good album. Already a lot different from Slow, deep and hard, less synthetized and droony (except for ''Kill all the white people'', which is pretty cool ), more doom and melodic in so many times.

So far my favorite pick from TON, but there is still a lot to hear.

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13.11.2016 - 02:55
Bad English
It is best I say , whoel album you can pick up 2,3,6,10 as hit songs and resta re just eqyally good, whole idea, singing, vocals and atmosphere you simply if refuse grow up it will give emotions high again as in teenage days,
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