Hail Of Bullets - On Divine Winds review


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Band: Hail Of Bullets
Album: On Divine Winds
Release date: October 2010

01. The Eve Of Battle
02. Operation Z
03. The Mukden Incident
04. Strategy Of Attrition
05. Full Scale War
06. Guadalcanal
07. On Coral Shores
08. Unsung Heroes
09. Tokyo Napalm Holocaust
10. Sugar Loaf Hill [limited digibook edition bonus]
11. Kamikaze
12. To Bear The Unbearable

Hey! Looking for innovative death metal? Go look elsewhere because Hail Of Bullets play Old School Death Metal, the one played with guts, but in a modern way, with a clean production. And if you asked me if it's good, I'd answer that "it is great!"

Hail Of Bullets is another all-star band. They are numerous, aren't they? At least the Dutchmen are trustworthy because they love what they do and stay loyal to their beliefs. They play their death metal in the traditional way, the way they loved it. Without blast beats and without the "ultra-brutal-gory" or the "shouting" growls. It would be great, nowadays, to see more vocalists, like Martin van Drunen or John Tardy who make growls that (beside the brutality they should have in order to be death metal enough) cause pain in your soul every time you listen to them! That's how amazing van Drunen sounds on this album.

Now let's talk about the album. On Divine Winds is the second effort of Hail Of Bullets, two years after their debut called Of Frost And War. Except the fact that the production is now cleaner than ever (though one could say that a more "dirty" and raw production would fit even better to the album), the band didn't change the elements of their music: low-tuned guitars, heavy drumming, nice solos and many leads (only in "Guadalcanal" you won't find a lead). With On Divine Winds, the band worked harder on the quality of their songs and managed to create some songs that will stay forever on their setlist as "Operation Z" and "Kamikaze," two powerful songs, the fastest of the album which are perfect for mosh-pit or headbanging! The album contains 8 more songs and you'll definitely love some of them, too. For example, "Strategy Of Attrition" and "Full Scale War" are two mid-tempo songs with great leads and awesome atmosphere (mostly the second one). The "outro" of the album, "To The Unbearable," is the slowest and most melodic song of On Divine Winds and is extremely good, too (you'll love the final lead of the song/album).

So, Hail Of Bullets created a very good album that will please the majority of the death metal fans and especially those who are nostalgic for old school moments...

"Hey mate wait a sec! Does this album have so awful lyrics? Because you didn't say anything about them in the whole review…" you'll probably ask me now… So, for the last (but not least) I'll let Martin van Drunen tell you about the amazing Concept of On Divine Winds:

"This time Hail Of Bullets takes on the Pacific War. The expansion of the Empire of Japan throughout Asia, introducing a full scale war using all forces combined. The massive strike back of the Americans, whose marines bravely fought many tough and bloody battles on now forgotten insulate islands spread throughout the whole Pacific. This led to desperate Japanese defense tactics such as Kamikaze, human bullets and suicidal Banzai charges. Until finally, incendiary bombings brought the empire to its knees."

Now close your eyes and enter the battlefield!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 9

Written by Deadmeat | 11.04.2011


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This is a severely under-appreciated band and album. Hail of Bullets is a permanent addition to my playlist and I can only hope they play a North American tour sooner than later! I love this band.

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