Catamenia - Winternight Tragedies review


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Band: Catamenia
Album: Winternight Tragedies
Release date: April 2005

01. The Heart Of Darkness
02. Verikansa
03. Strength And Honor
04. The Crystal Stream
05. Kaamos Warrior
06. My Blood Stained Path
07. Perintö Pohjolan
08. Iced Over
09. The Ancient
10. Fuel For Hatred [Satyricon cover]

Catamenia are one of those bands that still goes unnoticed in many places and overlooked by many Metalheads, that was exactly the case with your humble servant here, I listened some Catamenia albums in some friends house while drinking and such, but I can't say I ever sat down and listen thoroughly a Catamenia album, until now.

For all of you unaware of Catamenia existence, these guys play Melodic Black Metal (or Nordic Metal as they call it) and this is their sixth album so far. Seems like a constant in all the album is wolves, sick animal obsession or tribute to nature? You be the judge.

The thing I'm pretty sure is that I like this album, these guys play angry, aggressive Black Metal with melodic backgrounds and some folk interludes here and there. Drumming is fast and relentless, guitar riffs and quite good, very fast and sharp! Vocals are hostile yet sometimes countered by some clean vocals too! Overall musicianship is quite remarkable, but the award goes to the drumming!

Some songs are difficult to understand, as a matter of fact this album wasn't love at first sight, I needed a couple of listens to really get what these guys were trying to go, but after that I really began to enjoy this Cd. The album has plenty of good songs but my picks for favorites would be "The Ancient", "My Blood Stained Path" and "Fuel For Hatred" yeah, you guessed right is a cover of Satyricon, is not much different from the original, but these guys play it great.

Winternight Tragedies is another good album by this great band, aggression, melodies and wolves is what you'll get for your money, what more can you ask?

Written by Undercraft | 28.05.2005



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20.04.2009 - 18:55
Liver Failure
Well said, that's a good melodic/black album. Best one from Catamenia in my opinion: powerful, the melodic parts are catchy and interesting, the vocal also improoved, and NOT repetitive. Perfect rate also, an 8 for the best Catemenia work looks fair to me, since this band doesn't offer much news musicallly.

Seems like a constant in all the album is wolves, sick animal obsession or tribute to nature? You be the judge.

At this point (sixth full-lenght) it starts to become sick animal obsession.

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