Rammstein - Sehnsucht review


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Band: Rammstein
Album: Sehnsucht
Release date: August 1997

Disc I
01. Sehnsucht
02. Engel [feat. Christiane "Bobo" Herbold]
03. Tier
04. Bestrafe Mich
05. Du Hast
06. Bück Dich
07. Spiel Mit Mir
08. Klavier
09. Alter Mann
10. Eifersucht
11. Küss Mich (Fellfrosch)
12. Stripped [Depeche Mode cover] [Polish & Australian Tour Edition bonus]
+ Intro [Polish Edition bonus]

Disc II [Australian Tour Edition]
01. Asche Zu Asche [live]
02. Asche Zu Asche
03. Spiel Mit Mir [live]
04. Laichzeit [live]
05. Wolt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen? [live]
06. Engel [live]

1997's "Sehnsucht" is the second studio album from the most exposed German singing band on earth, Rammstein. In their characteristic style, quite difficult to label, but I guess close to Industrial Metal. Those six former East-Germans reached a status of international stars with this very album, especially in the United States, all of this starting after some of their songs were selected for a movie soundtrack ['Lost Highway' by David Lynch]. Then, this album just overwhelmed everybody who had the chance to listen to it, and all of this despite of the fact that all the songs use the natural language of the band, German. It even became mandatory for the band to sing in German since it has become one of the trademark of their music.

After you'll unpacked the CD from its freaky artwork, it's nearly impossible to put it back in there as it's so unusual and transporting! Repetitive chorus, slow mechanical rhythms, hypnotic lyrics and odd keyboard lines make "Sehnsucht" into a curiosity that only the discovery of their first album "Herzeleid" can tied.

"Sehnsucht" is a collection of eleven songs, all around 4 minutes, and all so indispensable to the ambient atmosphere of the album. From the eponymous opener to the controversial "Küss Mich Fellfrosch" [I won't translate that one, find out by yourself!], every song is an oeuvre d'art. True radio hits, especially in Germany, 'Engel' and 'Du Hast' are both amongst the best songs ever written by Rammstein. But it's almost impossible to find a weak link on this album! 'Eifersucht', 'Spielt Mit Mir',... every track is worth a thousand words. My personal favorites are still 'Klavier', a odd ballad through the eyes of a sick mind, both heavy and melodic, and 'Sehnsucht', catchy as hell.

Rammstein is a phenomenon that needs to be checked out quickly if you still don't know it. While their first album "Herzeleid" is probably better in the whole, "Sehnsucht" is without a doubt a great introducer to their music. Dark and complex lyrics add to the mystery that [still] follows the band, twisted emotions arise and Rammstein prevails.


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10.02.2007 - 14:47
Account deleted
I bought this album like a month ago and I haven't still got bored to it.. The songs are just incredible, this gotta be the best album from Rammstein so far.
08.07.2007 - 02:30
Their best album for sure, flawless and perfect...:banger:
11.02.2008 - 21:58
I R Serious Cat
Their best album, deffinitely. The repetitiveness is hypnotic here.
"Nobody wants to be the weird kid, you just end up being the weird kid. You don't know how you ended up getting there" - Rob Zombie

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06.08.2008 - 12:57
LeChron James
loves the heaviness. very very good metal, regardless of whether i can understand it or not.
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06.08.2008 - 19:54
I ruined this album for myself by over-playing it. Never over-play anything by Rammstein, because it might make you hate them.
But after a little more than a year of barely listening to Rammstein, I find it enjoyable again.
06.08.2008 - 20:36
Mr. Doctor
Written by Thrashette on 06.08.2008 at 19:54

I ruined this album for myself by over-playing it. Never over-play anything by Rammstein, because it might make you hate them.
But after a little more than a year of barely listening to Rammstein, I find it enjoyable again.

Mmm, I never disliked an album for that reason. But I understand you anyway. I use to listen to Rammstein in big dosis but with looooooooong time between every time I listen to them.

And about the album... I can't say it's their best since the first three albums have the same level... Everyone is so good IMO that I can't give a good critic about them. But those trhee are the best of Rammstein that's for sure.

Klavier is such a beautiful song... Till's voice is unique.
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29
Like you could kiss my ass
Written by Milena on 20.06.2012 at 10:49
Rod, let me love you.
07.03.2009 - 03:50
I'll never get tired of the Herzeleid - Sehnsucht - Mutter era... its the best they did.. yet, I hope

but as we know.. old people need calm so then we get the Reise, Reise and Rosenrot crap...
(in our case the old people are obviously Rammstein, seriously, think about it.. they're like all in their 40 something years old)

even though I like some of the songs of the Reise, Reise and Rosenrot albums I'd definitly chose the 3 first ones over that stuff...
its when you travel that you realise that man will never really belong to a country...

Rammstein - Paris, Bercy: 8th of december
09.06.2009 - 13:32
Liver Failure
''Du Hast'' is immortal. I first heard of Rammstein with that song, in a DragonBallZ music video ( ) . Ran after the CD and got addicted to this damn band...
Find this one better than Herzeleid thou, but they are kinda similar.

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16.10.2009 - 13:42
This is their most consistent album in my opinion, not a single bad song on this album...The title track is one of the best they ever made, while Buck Dich and Klavier are also awesome!
27.11.2012 - 21:45
Rammstein's two first albums were absolutely perfect and this one features my favorite track by them, Buck Dich!
If you haven't listened to it yet, do it.

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