Hatesphere - Ballet Of The Brute review


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Band: Hatesphere
Album: Ballet Of The Brute
Release date: 2004

01. The Beginning And The End
02. Deathtrip
03. Vermin
04. Downward To Nothing
05. Only The Strongest
06. What I See I Despise
07. Last Cut, Last Head
08. Warhead
09. Blankeyed
10. 500 Dead People

Lately I've been receiving a lot of these releases, Thrash-Death Metal with some hardcore influences and even some Gothenburg Melodeath…
Each day a band like this one releases a new Cd, and the rate is accelerating, and with that the originality factor of the style diminishes quantitatively , until one day the genre will become so overpopulated as Power Metal.

That's a very negative intro, I know, but that's a reality that everyone must face so they can understand which band is original and which is a mere copy.
In the case of Hatesphere, I really don't know, is their first album I listen, even if they have two full lengths and one Ep behind. They've been around since 1995, so it makes me think that they're here before the Thrash-Melodeath explosion, and that's a bonus.

Musically, Hatesphere are playing exactly what I described before, Melodeath Metal with Thrash influences, basically, fast paced riff-based songs with harsh vocals.
This is not a bad record at all, songs are catchy, and musicianship is good, but my problem with this record is that is 10 years late, I've heard this before, and maybe I say this to much, but everybody wants something new when buys a record.

Get Hatesphere and I assure you that you'll hear a good record, but you won't be surprised by the level of creativity or originality. A solid record, that's for sure, but when you hear so much records each month like me, is very hard to be impressed.

Written by Undercraft | 30.06.2005


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