Spiritual Beggars - Demons review


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Band: Spiritual Beggars
Album: Demons
Release date: March 2005

01. Inner Strength (Intro)
02. Throwing Your Life Away
03. Salt In Your Wounds
04. One Man Army
05. Through The Halls
06. Treading Water
07. Dying Every Day
08. Born To Die
09. Born To Die (Reprise)
10. In My Blood
11. Elusive
12. Sleeping With One Eye Open
13. No One Heard

"Demons" is the new album of Spiritual Beggars, the 2nd band of Swede Michael Amott. For the ones who still don't know this band, don't expect a new Arch Enemy here because actually this is really different. Spiritual Beggars plays a kind of Stoner Metal, music from the 70's, and a mix of a really heavy rock "n" roll with touches of Heavy Metal. Not so accessible, this new album will probably be something for the fans above all.

If I was really surprised by "Ad Astra" and "On Fire," the two previous albums of the band, I must admit that I'm a bit disappointed by "Demons." Of course JB, the singer, (with his voice à la Joe Cocker) is always an amazing singer, and Michael and his other band mates are always perfect, but this time I don't know why, I'm not so attracted by the album. Actually I regret the lack of hits like "Left Brain Ambassadors" or "Killing Time" that were two excellent songs from the last albums. "Demons" is a beautiful album, probably a bit darker than the others ones from the band (that's probably one of the reason of its title), but on the other hand it lacks punch and that's sad because it was one of the good point of Spiritual Beggars.

Okay, on the other hand the album is good, all the compositions are perfect one more time, really professional with a great production. If you like the sound of the Hammond organ and if you want something that will remember you the 70's you'll be overjoyed by this CD. I say it again it's a good album but in comparison of the two previous albums it's not better…

Maybe the surprise effect is dead, I don't know, but even if I still like Spiritual Beggars I cannot say that "Demons" is their best release. Too dark for me, too slow and without this little touch of anger/power that we were able to find in the past. "Demons" is a disappointment for me. However this album, and this is the mark of great musicians, is a lot better than 90% of the other new releases that we can find nowadays. It's always original and really pro. So if you want to discover an excellent band, you can try "Demons" but please don't forget their other albums too…

Written by Jeff | 11.07.2005



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Agreed with you here, Jeff. I was deterred by their sound back when I first heard them, at the age of 16, but they seem to sound so much better to my ears now Currently enjoying all of their material. It's just perfect to relax to on a sunny day

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