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Favorite album: brothers of metal BY MANOWAR
Favorite song: CRANK IT UP by Ashley Tisdale
Favorite movies: LONDON DRIVER,MONSTER FISH is JAWS The Beginning
Favorite books: final fantasy strategy guide
Personal text: LONDON DRIVER London evening,raining.Wheelman in dingy motel room with laptop reading message he's been replaced.Goes to shabby bar to meet with old boss,boss certain new wheelman better wagers $100,000 point to point race NY to Vegas.Race starts at airport,morning,snowing with wheelmen hijacking cars.Wheelman gets to Vegas first nabs cash.In casino has confrontation with new wheelman and leaves hastily,jacks roof-top helicopter to LA,dumps helicopter,hops into 18wheeler cargo shipping container and naps,awakening at sea bound for hawaii.Onboard poses as new guy,finds computer chips,loads up suitcase full.In hawaii mails suitcase to japan,jacks racing sailboat to japan,sells chips,jacks aqua car to korea,then various vehicles to ukraine home.Soon decides back to UK to look for more work (unknowingly) jacks rocketplane.Ends wheelman in sub-space.By blackle4ps3


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