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Yeah, I should have put up Viron's cover art as the image but that Dokken single (associated with an Elm Street movie) just looks far more interesting. Whether or not that was a PM addition to a Hollywood soundtrack may be a point of [ir]relevance, but to me it's immaterial. Go listen to the music!

Created by: Syk | 01.12.2012

1. Eidolon - Nightmare World
Canadian. Choice picks: "Repulsion", "Fortress of Red", "Dreamscape" (5½, 5, 13 mins with stellar intro, midriffs AND outro (if I may... liken its highlights to all the best bits of 2112 and Anathema's Judgement... oh, it's good. None More Glorious))
2. Tad Morose - Modus Vivendi
Swedish. Choice tracks: "Mother Shipton's Words", "Life in a Lonely Grave", and certainly "Anubis" which got a video almost as cool as the song
3. Brainstorm - Soul Temptation
German. Choice tracks: "Nunca Nos Rendimos", "To the Head", and "Highs without Lows" which got a slightly less impressive video
4. Children of Bodom - Downfall
Finnish. Heh, I typed Children of Boom... this single was also promoted with a not-bad video. Along the same lines a bit of Skyfire, Imperanon and let's say early Kalmah [band] links don't work in lists :\ This may change soon...
5. Viron - NWOGHM
German. Not on this site yet, unfortunately. "Blow the Fuse" rocks hard and "For Her Majesty" on their earlier, self-titled EP wraps up VERY nicely. DragonForce-esque? Maybe
6. Jag Panzer - Mechanized Warfare
US power! Is this where I belong? "Take to the Sky" is excellent. "Frozen in Fear" pretty good, too, though they might both be trumped by "Battered and Bruised" from this album's follow-up
7. Blind Guardian - A Night at the Opera
German genius strikes again. Love "Sadly Sings Destiny", "Wait for an Answer" and "The Soulforged". The album is a bit too over-powering (*cough* over-produced? over-bearing) to take as a whole, most times I attempt it
8. Nightwish - Wishmaster
Finnish. Title track is a classic, in my mind mainly for the "Fishmaster" parody vid made a number of years ago. "Crownless" is my ultimate pick, actually all of 4-9 works rather well; I found their following album 'Century Child' a little cool but a liitle boring
9. Sonata Arctica - Wolf & Raven
Finnish, again. Don't know why this single isn't linking... Easily the best song I've heard from this band, it also had a video made for it. Subsequent vid "Don't Say a Word" had similarly awesome solo-work but the song's a bit hum-drum
10. Metallica - Power Metal demo
Come on. "Come on?/!" Well... What'd I say? Fine... sub in whatever Maiden or Priest might fit the bill... 'Powerslave', 'Somewhere in Time', 'The X Factor', 'Painkiller'; whatever it is would sit around the top of this list, if all here's presented in order of personal preference. Oh - Manticora's early EP under the name Manticore! Suppose I should edit this list once again...
11. Wolfcry - On the Edge
Japanese... no, I think they're European (yup Greek) but hey, it's a bonus track. And they seem to have lifted a tiny bit from "Goblin's Blade" on Heathen's 1987 opus. Still - a pretty good song. Along with "Piercing Evil" by Italians Rainspawn, I've never found out any more about this band I discovered on MS' 2006 downloadable compilation/sampler. '06... good times...
12. David Shankle Group - Ashes to Ashes
Forgive me, another bonus track. How annoying is that? This title track from the band of a guy who used to shred for Manowar had a video I quite liked (wonder why?). The song's great; well-written, catchy without straying out of metal into pop (unlike some other poor bastards), and of course sprinkled with some sweet soloing in all the right places. Comparable to "Wolf & Raven" and perhaps some DragonForce but thankfully not quite as flowery
13. Dark Illusion - Beyond the Shadows
Swedish. Alrighty, another one just for the new year. Like for #11 (and a possible #14, Valhalla from Spain) my knowledge of this group goes back to their blessed submission of "Night Knight" to MS for the 2005/6 downloadable sampler 'Follow the Storm (Vol. XV)'. Apparently the cover for this '05 release was designed by an old hand of Metal Storm, monowasp whose work also graces the 2013 albums of both StoneLake and Crashdïet

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