My Top 50 Power Metal Albums 2010

Created by: feather_light | 17.02.2013

1. Galneryus - Resurrection
Best tracks: Destiny, Burn My Heart, Still Loving You, Save You!, A Far-Off Distance
2. Pathfinder - Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time
Best tracks: The Whisper of Ancient Rocks, Beyond the Space Beyond the Time, Pathway to the Moon, The Lord of Wolves
3. Opera Magna - Poe
Best tracks: El Pozo y el Pendulo, Un Sueno en un Sueno, La Mascara de la Muerte Roja
4. Wuthering Heights - Salt
Best tracks: The Desperate Poet, The Mad Sailor, The Last Tribe (Mother Earth), Weather the Storm
5. Machinae Supremacy - A View From The End Of The World
Best tracks: A View from the End of the World, Rocket Dragon, Nova Prospekt, Shinigami, Action Girl, Indiscriminate Murder Is Counter-Productive
6. Sinbreed - When Worlds Collide
Best tracks: Newborn Tomorrow, Book of Life, Dust to Dust, Room 101, Salvation
7. Derdian - New Era Pt. 3 - The Apocalypse
Best tracks: The Spell, Battleplan, Her Spirit Will Fly Again
8. Ancient Bards - The Alliance Of The Kings
Best tracks: The Birth of Evil, Only the Brave, Daltor the Dragonhunter
9. Masterplan - Time To Be King
Best tracks: Far from the End of the World, Time to be King, The Black One
10. Thaurorod - Upon Haunted Battlefields
Best tracks: Warrior's Heart, Cursed in the Past, Scion of Stars, Tales of the End
11. Rhapsody Of Fire - The Frozen Tears Of Angels
Best traks: Sea of Fate, Crystal Moonlight, Reign of Terror, Raging Starfire, On the Way to Ainor
12. Royal Jester - Night Is Young
Best tracks: Wings of Tomorrow, The King Has Fallen, Night Is Young
13. Instanzia - Ghosts
Best tracks: Power of the Mind, Ghosts of the Past, The Desert Fox
14. Helloween - 7 Sinners
Best tracks: Who Is Mr Madman?, If A Mountain Could Talk, Raise the Noise
15. Sunrise - Trust Your Soul
Best tracks: Man in the World, Dreamer Online
16. Excalion - High Time
Best tracks: Sun Stones, Firewood, Foreversong
17. Labyrinth - Return To Heaven Denied Pt.2
Best tracks: To Where We Belong, Sailors of Time
18. Revolution Renaissance - Trinity
Best tracks: Falling to Rise, Dreamchild
19. Golden Resurrection - Glory To My King
Best tracks: See My Commands, The Final Day
20. Angra - Aqua
Best tracks: Arising Thunder, Awake from Darkness
21. ReinXeed - Majestic
Best tracks: Invincible, Deep Under Sea, Neverland, Forever Carry On
22. Sabaton - Coat Of Arms
Best tracks: Coat of Arms, Screaming Eagles, Aces In Exile, White Death
23. Heroik - Call Of Battle
Best tracks: Stormseeker, We Will Fight
24. Knights Of Round - The Book Of Awakening
Best tracks: Fairy Song, Time to Go, Phoenix Rising
25. Delirion - Lotus
Best tracks: Lotus, Seeds of Life, Breaking the SIlence
26. Divine Sword - Beyond Reality
Best tracks: Beyond Reality, Burning Steel, The Mighty Dragon of Light
27. Magic Kingdom - Symphony Of War
Best tracks: Unholy Abyss, We Rise, In the Name of Heathen Gods
28. Caravellus - Knowledge Machine
Best tracks: Corsairs in Black, Dance of Damnation
29. Juvaliant - Inhuman Nature
Best tracks: Heroes (We Will Be), Cold Distance of the Universe
30. Energy Strike - Extra Formation
Best tracks: Strike Back for Your Life, Riding on the Sky, Thunder Force
31. Blind Guardian - At The Edge Of Time
Best tracks: A Voice in the Dark, Tanelor (Into the Void)
32. Skiltron - The Highland Way
Best tracks: Awaiting Your Confession, Bagpipes of War
33. Chronology - The Eye Of Time
Best tracks: The Eye of Time, 17 February 1773
34. Black Majesty - In Your Honour
Best tracks: God of War, Millenium, Follow
35. Seven Kingdoms - Seven Kingdoms
Best tracks: Somewhere Far Away, Thunder of the Hammer, The Ones Who Breathe the Flame
36. Orden Ogan - Easton Hope
Best tracks: We Are Pirates, Welcome Liberty, Easton Hope
37. Innerwish - No Turning Back
Best tracks: Save Us, Chosen One, No Turning Back
38. Guardians Of Andromeda - Light Years From Destiny
Best tracks: Spirit of the Eagle
39. Avantasia - Angel Of Babylon
Best tracks: Promised Land
40. Light Bringer - Midnight Circus
Best tracks: Resistance, Kiseki
41. Catharsis - Light Album
Best tracks: Триста Лет Полёта
42. Sebastien - Tears Of White Roses
Best tracks: Femme Fatale
43. The Claymore - Damnation Reigns
Best tracks: Behind Enemy Lines, Return to Zero
44. Freedom Call - Legend Of The Shadowking
Best tracks: Thunder God, Tears of Babylon, A Perfect Day
45. Winter's Verge - Tales Of Tragedy
Best tracks: Old Man's Wish
46. Kaledon - Legend of the Forgotten Reign - Chapter 6: The Last Night on the Battlefield
Best tracks: The Way to Home
47. Magica - Dark Diary
Best tracks: On the Side of Evil
48. Synthphonia Suprema - The Future Ice-Age
Best tracks: I, Storm
49. Ghosthill - Embrace Of A Chasm
Best tracks: Last Dimension
50. Gamma Ray - To The Metal
Best tracks: All You Need to Know

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