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Post Black Metal Albums Worth Owning

Created by: Green Slime | 01.04.2010

1. Altar of Plagues - White Tomb
amazing. nihilistic. totally crushing and transcendental. one of the best post-black metal albums out there, and if you disagree it just shows that you don't know d*k about being awesome
2. Wolves in the Throne Room - Black Cascade
hail the forests with these cascadian leftist organic activists. listening to this will make even staring at your house plants in a stoned-out stupor feel like you're living out some ancient saga
3. Caina - Temporary Antennae
it's awesome, it's desolate, it's the only black metal album your hipster girlfriend will let you bang her out to
4. Lithurgy - Renihilation
go to one of their shows and you'll probably end up in a vice magazine photo spread. but go to their shows anyways because they're scathingly righteous
5. Krallice - Krallice
a couple underground virtuosos came together to put out something to worship at the altar of weakling's dead as dreams
6. Nachmystium - Assassins: Black Meddle, Pt.1
black metal - national socialist undertones + 70s prog rock - bad choice in garments + drugged out saxophones = HIGH FIVE
7. Alcest - Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde
this kicks the aesthetic of winter = black metal right in the ass. this is metal for spring, and this soundtrack for the vernal equinox couldn't get much better
8. Fen - Ancient Sorrow
the bogs and moors of england are more than just subject matter for terrible painters and poets. they're also the home of this decidedly non-terrible band that's very reminiscent of agalloch
9. Agalloch - The Mantle
speaking of, here's oregon's only band that isn't comprised of hypocritical crustpunks. totally amazing, listen to this while reading the works of 19th century philosphers or shooting heroin
10. Velnias - Sovereign Nocturnal
more cascadian nature-worshiping black metal. nature is the subject matter for a lot of this stuff, but it's cool because a velnias patch on your messenger bag will be a great conversation starter at the weekly farmer's market.
11. Woods of Desolation - Sorh
kind of like xasthur, except not fronted by a bitter middle-aged shut in
12. Gris l I Etait Une Foret - this quebecois duo shows the world what you can accomplish when you combine an art school degree with a guitar and clinical depression. epic
13. Cobalt - Gin
frenetic, experimental, aggressive and intelligent. pretty sure this would make ted kaczynski's peen hard, if he were more into metal and less into blowing people up
14. Saros - Acrid Plains
a metal band from the bay area that isn't comprised of fat dudes in flannel, sweatily trying to rip off 80's thrash as fast as their sausagey fingers will let them. instead it's some really engaging music, with members from weakling and amber asylum. yes plz kthnx
15. Negura Bunget - Om
basically, these romanians are reverse gypsies. instead of stealing wallets and children, they leave behind awesome black metal. ps, worth the forty dollars
16. Ludicra - The Tenant
Poignant, poetic, and musically bold. Some of the most haunting scary vocals you will ever hear.

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