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All hail Bandcamp. Most of the music you will find here is progressive, avant-garde, or experimental in nature. That being said, there's something here for everyone - just search for your favourite get it. A large portion of these artists will let you "name the price" for their album(s) - go ahead, you can't resist the temptation to test it out before inevitable purchase.

The bands' names in the description have been assigned links to their tunes. Enjoyed it? Then click on the vote link and give them the opportunity to be on this website. Feel free to add bands that require suggestion over here, however I hope to get around to it in the near future. There's lots more to come! If one of these bands hits that spot or if you thought it was pretty meh, let me know in the comments.

The starred (★) bands are those you should start with. They're simply more refined and/or original. (Update: I'm slowly replacing this ambiguous concept by rating each band's respective album out of 10 with .25 increments in addition to assigning a heart (❤) to my personal favourites.)

…? | 114 Kassandra - Vote | A Prison Called Earth - Vote | A|symmetry - Vote | Absinthiana | Acolyte - Vote | Adrian van den Broëck | Aeolist | Aethere | Akb'al | AnovA | Arcane Roots | Arcturon - Vote | Arida | As Light Dies - Vote| Atlas | Atrophy | Back To R'lyeh - Vote | Barishi | Beyond Never | Carnivora | Carving Colours | Cast Of Mind | Chiral | Circle Takes Square - Vote | Contrarian | Counter-World Experience - Vote | Cryptomnesia | Damien The Cat | Dead Alone | Dead Season | Deconstructing Sequence | Distance | Distress Of Ruin | Dust Sculptures - Vote | Dustynation | The Echelon Effect | Eloa Vadaath - Vote | Emblazoned | Empyrean Sanctum | Eternal Storm | Euglena | Evilness | Exist - Vote | Exotic Animal Petting Zoo | E1EN | The Fathomless Deep - Vote | Fever Sea | Fleshworld - Vote | For The Imperium - Vote | Gods Of Eden - Vote | Graveyard - Vote | Grim Funeral | Grorr | Haunted Shores | Hryre | I Shall Move The Earth | Imperial Gates | Juvenile Baroque Slaughterhouse | Karhu | Kung Foo Preacher | L'Inverno Della Civetta | Latitudes - Vote | Lelahell - Vote | Liquid Rain - Vote | Luke Kelly | Maeth | Malicious Dream | Mammoth - Vote | Mandroid Echostar - Vote | Marching Mind - Vote | Marrow Of Earth - Vote | Matt Harnett | Means End - Vote| Melora | Menz | Messenger | Mistguide | Muerte Por Mil Cortes - Vote | Mystic | Nebulous | Necronomichrist - Vote | Nexilva | No Consequence | No Home For Heroes | Olema | Olvido - Vote | Optic | Orgone - Vote | Orion | Paths | Patrons Of The Rotting Gate | Peculate | Pictura | Pitch Feather | Plastic Mind Frequencies | Praetorian | Primo Vespere | Progtronic | Protean Collective| Pterodactyl King | Rannoch | Red Rebel Patriots | Retarded Noise Squad | Sanguine Glacialis | Sarvas - Vote | Science Of Demise | Scientic - Vote | Scorned Deity - Vote | Shades Of Black - Vote | The Shell Collector | Shrines - Facebook page | Shores Of Null - Vote | Silhouette - Vote | Sithu Aye | Skaldic Curse | Sleepers Awake | Soldis - Vote | Spectral Mortuary | Spectral Tower - Vote | Spherian | Suns Of The Morning Star | Svet Kant | Syconaut - Vote | Syqem - Vote | Synkronizity - Vote| Telepathy | Teramobil | Thaclthi | Theatrum | Toehider - Vote | Toxic Grind Machine | True - Vote | The Ulex | Undertow | Unhuman - Vote | Unjustly Labeled | Unsacred Seed - Vote | Urschrei | Utopianisti | Vampire Squid - Vote | Von Hertzen Brothers | Vyre | Walking Across Jupiter | Winter Gate | Witch Ripper | Withem - Vote | Wizard Business | Zelophilia | Zombie Frogs - Vote

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Created by: LeKiwi | 14.12.2013

1. Back To R'lyeh - The Awakening / Last Fight Of The Primordial
Progressive Avant-Garde Metal - Cthulhu worshipping metal with a unique, quirky personality. In short, one of the most well-crafted and ambitious albums I've heard recently - 9/10 ❤
2. Telepathy - 12 Areas
Instrumental Progressive Post-Metal / Math Sludge Metal - I had experience lately which doesn't come around very often. I was listening to Telepathy's 2011 release, Fracture, having planned to rate and review it for this list. Upon hearing the EP in it's entirety, I sat there in a state of ambivalence: on one hand we were dealing with some remarkably innovative sludge with math, progressive, and post-metal tendencies, while on the other the production doused out any flares of possible enjoyment. I envisioned what a commendable production could have done for this band - then I discovered their 2014 release and my vision was realised. You'll be lured in with soothing instrumentation, crushed by riffs embodying the weight of the ocean, and have your incapacitated body dragged along the sea bed on a journey through serenity. My only gripe: the thing's too damn short! - 9/10 ❤
3. Toehider - What Kind Of Creature Am I?
Progressive Metal / Progressive Rock - Balls-out theatrics. That's what this album's about. If that doesn't intrigue you, don't bother. I'd say this sounds like Queen-gone-metal based on what little I know of said band. From jubilant frivolity (see "The Thing With Me") to frenzied eccentricity (see "Geese Lycan") Toehider knows no boundaries. The undeniable powerhouse of vocal talent draws me in time and time again - 9/10 ❤
4. Luke Kelly - Hooligans
Instrumental Symphonic Avant-Garde Metal / Fusion - You'd never guess from the manner that this guy disparages his music that he's brimming with talent. I've been following him since I discovered his other band, ...?. If you're into erratic music prone to unexpected twists and turns, this guy is for you. I'll write a proper mini-review soon - 8.75/10 ❤
5. Gods Of Eden - Gods Of Eden
Progressive Technical Metal - Sheer technicality, adventurous melody, and one hell of a talented vocalist. Not sure who to compare them to, but Persefone sure comes to mind at times. They're coming out with a full-length - YouTube the vid for their single "From The End of Heaven" - 8.75/10 ❤
6. Olvido - Luto
Progressive Gothic Metal - Gothic metal and I never really got along - I always found it overbearingly cheesy and boring...that is, until I heard this record. Take my word for it when I say that any fan of gothic, prog, or theatrical music will adore this record. Olvido pushes the limits of gothic, earning themselves the progressive tag. Refreshing song-structures, whimsical yet fitting changes in vibe and tempo, creative riffage, and theatrical yet monstrous male vocals make this record the beast that it is. Despite being released over a year ago, this is certainly going to be one of my favourite discoveries of 2015. Warning: lyrics in Portuguese - 8.75/10 ❤
7. True - Symptoms
Progressive Death Metal / Grindcore - As a rule-of-thumb I typically avoid anything remotely related to punk, but I was drawn in from the moment I heard that tambura doing its thing at the outset of the album. Don't be misled - for a blend of classic death and crust punk-laden grindcore the songwriting proves remarkably intricate and innovative. It's a rare occasion when I describe an album wading in these genres' waters as fresh, let alone inspiring - 8.75/10 ❤
8. ...? - ...!
Extreme Experimental Metal / Hardcore - Too original? Seriously though, this is incredible. It's been a while since I heard such playful experimental metal brimming with this much talent. Also, I have such respect for the vocalist's capabilities; his stylistic diversity is a match for Mike Patton's. Just throwing this out there: the band's heavier moments are reminiscent of !T.O.O.H.! - 8.5/10 ❤
9. 114 Kassandra - Life Rains The Hardest On Those Who Shine The Brightest
Avant-Garde Metalcore - If it weren't for the -core influences, this album would be among my favourites. Regardless, the whimsical, quirky songwriting is not something to be missed - 8.5/10
10. Dust Sculptures - Far Above The Pines
Progressive Metal / Post-Black Metal - This one-man band shows some damn promising potential. Listening to this record paints an aural landscape with the confluence of Opeth and Agalloch at it's heart. The artist deftly maneuvers the path between black metal ferocity and proggy acoustic riffage, careful not to leave any of the stylistic middle-ground unscathed and occasionally taking unexpected and inspiring turns in musical experimentation. Sadly, despite my seemingly positive disposition, my qualms with the vocal phrasing have not improved from the debut and continue to taint my enjoyment of this record. That being said, I highly doubt that such a petty complaint would irritate anyone else. I will most certainly be keeping a close eye on this band in the future - 8.5/10 ❤
11. Euglena - Близость (EP)
Blackened Mathcore / Grindcore - Think melodic grindcore à la Anaal Nathrakh with umm...blackened mathcore. It sure sounds far-fetched at this point, but once you decide to subject yourself to the album's incessant and frantic expression of some disturbed emotion, I think you'll come to the same conclusion. A stampede of riffs quarreling over dissonance vs. melody, backed by disquieting vocals and drums - 8.5/10 ❤
12. Karhu - Survival Of The Richest
Extreme Progressive Metal - Ihsahn meets Opeth meets Sylosis? Aggressive. Intricate. Groovy. My only gripe is that the gritty clean vocals - which are quite pronounced - occasionally dominate the music and clash with the instrumentation. That being said, the clean vocalist is very talented. Strangely, the album features quite a bit of hard rock, especially in the last two tracks. I recommend starting with track #7 - 8.5/10 ❤
13. Latitudes - Individuation
Progressive Post-Metal / Math Sludge - Borrowing from math metal, the guitar and drums take turns in leading the tireless instrumentation rife with dissonance and poly-rhythms. The stoner metal passages and the occasional blip of tranquil, clean vocals act as a break in a densely overcast sky. The music seems to flow seamlessly between said tension and relaxation. If you adore Mastodon and/or The Ocean's instrumentation and are searching for something fresh in that regard, this comes highly recommended. 8.5/10 ❤
14. Melora - Parasitic Empire
Progressive Technical Death Metal - The melodic and progressive side of Gorod with a dash of the death metal side of Gojira's Terra Incognita and the "brutal" side of Between The Buried And Me - 8.5/10 ❤
15. Unhuman - Unhuman
Progressive Technical Death Metal - The band merges the styles of Beyond Creation and Necrophagist in a rather proggy fashion - not surprising seeing as Kévin Chartré of Beyond Creation takes the role of lead guitarist. Taking the grotesque and alien vocals into consideration, I don't think they could have devised a more fitting name for the band. Nightmarish vocals aside, there's something oddly uplifting about the music - perhaps owed to the deranged and omnipresent lead guitar - engendering an air of frivolity. Paired with intricate and thoughtful songwriting, Unhuman stand a mighty force to be reckoned with - 8.5/10 ❤
16. Adrian van den Broëck - Alchemist Hans Blomberg
Progressive Industrial Metal - If there was ever an album influenced by Devin Townsend's Ziltoidian albums, this is it. From the facetious narrative to the proggy industrial riffage, this album has it all. The fact that the narration is carried out in thick Swedish accents makes this album rather endearing and perhaps why I gave it such a high rating. TL;DR - you want more humorous sci-fi metal? Listen - 8.25/10 ❤
17. A/symmetry - Room 17: Hours Between Shadows and Light (EP)
Progressive Metal - Evergrey and Symphony X had a fling once...If you dive into this expecting a piece of ground-breaking work, you're going to be disappointed. This is a simply a solid and fresh amalgamation of aforementioned bands. The final track, however, presents with a small dose of extremity which will be sure to pique your interest. The vocalist is a capable one, shifting between adeptly performed clean, grit, and - in the final track - harsh - 8.25/10 ❤
18. Counter-World Experience - Music For Kings
Instrumental Progressive Metal / Fusion - Even kings are unworthy of the grandeur of this album. Feather-light jazz-infused instrumentation drifting between its mountainous counterpart. If a more exploratory Exivious tickles your fancy, this one's for you - 8.25/10 ❤
19. Dead Season - Dusting The Rust
Extreme Progressive / Groove Thrash Metal / Heavy Metal - Lost my notes, but for now I'll just point out that the music is heavily influenced by Nevermore, Vulture Industries, and Disillusion. Also worth noting that their interludes give off an Akercocke-like vibe. Full mini-review coming soon - 8.25/10 ❤
20. Eloa Vadaath - Dead End Proclama
Avant-Garde Extreme Progressive Metal - If I were to list all the innumerable influences that I hear in this record, it wouldn't mean a damn. The closest I can get to describing a large percentage of the record is (old) Cynic + Ne Obliviscaris + Dissona. You'll also find some unexpected genres that fit perfectly into the puzzle, such as groove thrash. There might a gothic element as well because the vocals and riffs occasionally bring The Old Dead Tree to mind. Anyways, at this point I'm making a mess out of outlining their sound - just have a listen. The few tracks on YouTube should get you started - 8.25/10
21. Exist - Sunlight
Progressive Death Thrash / Fusion - After hearing their debut EP, I wasn't expecting much other than another carbon-copy of Cynic - (insert expression of bafflement). Indeed, the closest comparison to this band's style is Cynic - Cynic on steroids, that is. However, their debut introduces a matured band with their own sound, momentarily delving into other genres including extreme prog and variations of post-metal. While I could consider the heavier passages at a level of quality nearing flawless, the dreamy jazz interludes disappoint by frequently succumbing to the stereotypical wankery and excessive meandering. Also, the clean vocals prove unpleasantly weak, defiling the soothing instrumentation. Nevertheless, a great record and a band I'll certainly be following - 8.25/10 ❤
22. For The Imperium - Hail The Monsters
Progressive Metal, Mathcore, Hard Rock, Groove Thrash Metal, Technical Metalcore, Sludge Metal, Alternative Metal, Glam Metal, Nu Metal - No track on this album serves as a precedent for any of those following it. The innumerable styles that these guys incorporate into their unique style compel me to label them as experimental, yet the sheer cohesiveness deters me from doing so. My obsession with talented vocalists impels me to note that the vocalist has me wide-eyed with admiration. The one word that I could use to describe the album would be upbeat - other than that I'm at a loss for words. Honestly there's not much I can say about this album that would do it justice - just listen to any of their tracks that you can find on YouTube, including the link to their new track above. Also, if you ever have a craving for a song with a ridiculously catchy, yet cheesy, chorus, don't forget to listen to the closing track: "Filthy Animal, Go And Save Yourself!" - 8.25/10 ❤
23. Mistguide - Era
Progressive Atmospheric Doom Metal - Not sure if this is doom or not, but it's consistently slow-paced. Reminds me of a doomy Agalloch most of the time, especially concerning the melodies - listen to track 6, you'll see what I mean - 8.25/10
24. Necronomichrist - Apparitions Of The Obscene
Symphonic Death Metal / Progressive Melodic Death Metal - Channeled through the ever-present progressive and symphonic elements alike, the thick production lends the music an air of elegance, a counter to the more aggressive aspect if you will. Reminds me of a modern - yet less quirky - take on Phlebotomized's masterpiece, Immense, Intense, Suspense - 8.25/10
25. Orgone - The Joyless Parson
Progressive Avant-Garde Technical Death Metal / Mathcore / Sludge Metal - This deceptively titled album features an unprecedented concoction of tech death and mathcore, served with a heaped portion of "joyful" dissonance, all resting upon a thin slab of sludge, and, finally, caked with avant-garde tendencies. As with most albums with a concentrated amount of technicality, the songwriting is occasionally drawn into unnecessary, and detracting, complexity - 8.25/10
26. Pictura - The Equilibration Of Minds, Vol.I
Extreme Progressive Metal - Undoubtedly influenced by Opeth and may seem as an indistinguishable carbon copy of said band upon quick inspection - I'm here to tell you that this record reaches beyond a mere imitation. At the moment I can't quite describe the distinction, so you'll have to hear it for yourself - 8.25/10 ❤
27. Syconaut - In Ruins
Groove Thrash Metal / Melodic Death Metal - 8.25/10 ❤
28. Fleshworld - Like We're All Equal Again
Progressive Post-Metal - The Ocean stripped of its hardcore influences. Loving track 2 - 8/10
29. I Shall Move The Earth - Blueprints MMXIII
Progressive Black Metal - Arcturus and Dimmu Borgir take a waltz - 8/10
30. A Prison Called Earth - Rise Of The Octopus (Realistic Tale Of A Sprawling City)
Progressive Avant-Garde Metal - A theatrical amalgamation of Leprous, Pain Of Salvation, Shaolin Death Squad, Opeth's acoustic prowess, and Solefald-style clean vocals. There's no doubt that this album radiates with talent - innovation even. Despite this - and the album's brevity (for prog) - the seemingly repetitive nature of the instrumentation ended up dulling the initial excitement. Additionally, the near hour-long concept album is frequently interrupted at the precedence of dramatic narration - I found this detracted from the experience, however other listeners more appreciative of these elements may be able to derive something positive from it. All that being said, the album was released nearly 4 years ago and the band is working on new material. An EP was released in September last year for those interested - I've only heard the teaser so it's difficult to assess what we're dealing with - 8/10
31. Protean Collective - The Red And The Grey
Progressive Metal - Weaving modern progressive metal influences into a Nevermore-laden style. I've developed a soft-spot for their softer passages, "Room 16 Our Ghosts" being my favourite track. That being said, if you like aforementioned band, missing this would be a mistake - 8/10
32. Barishi - Barishi
Progressive Metal - Incorporating the outwardly unseemly elements of prog rock, post-black, and stoner metal into a layer of notable influences - from Cynic, Mastodon, and Dillinger Escape Plan's latest style - Barishi emerges with a unique and well-knit style. The band is certainly another talented progressive metal hybrid to add to your watch list. The "organic" production and bridled guitar distortion lends a certain sincerity to their seamless transitions from one end of their stylistic spectrum to the other. Their latest release, Endless Howl (EP), sees the band refining their style and pushing the black metal aspect of their music a few notches higher. I'll be replacing this review with one for that release in due time - 7.75/10
33. Carving Colours - No Way But Forwards
Progressive Metal / Progressive Melodic Death Metal - Extreme-tinged Circus Maximus/Evergrey with a sprinkle of melodeath. People with gripes over strong accents, approach with caution - 7.75/10
34. Eternal Storm - From The Ashes
Progressive Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore - Start with tracks 3-5. Don't let track 2 put you off, this album has some fantastic and varied songs. For instance in track 4 you'll find Be'lakor with an Arch Enemy chorus and Amon Amarth in track 6. These guys also have an affinity for combining unlikely genres, such as blackened death with groove thrash as in track 5. If I'm not mistaken, there's quite a bit of Kalmah throughout - 7.75/10
35. Mandroid Echostar - Citadels
Modern Progressive Metal / Rock - For fans of Periphery and Protest The Hero. Those allergic to cheese, 'ware. Speaking of cheese, the first distorted riff you'll hear is full of it. Filled to the brim. Luckily it doesn't happen very often. On a more positive note, you'll notice that the vocalist is phenomenal. Yes, he's limited to one style, but he knows how to use it. Start with the title track. Personally, I prefer their 2012 EP, so if this doesn't quite do it for you, have a listen to that, especially the first track - 7.75/10
36. Means End - The Didact
Vildhjarta + Monuments. I can't quite discern what makes this special for djent - perhaps it's the production. The vocalist, for one, stands out - his cleans remind me of Dissona's own and his mid and high screams remind me of Gorod and Vektor's vocalists respectively. Despite the apparent originality, none of the tracks barring "Nox Aurumque" stand out, which is a shame - 7.75/10
37. Nebulous - Nebulous
Progressive Metal / Math Metal- This is what a side-project featuring members of Meshuggah, Textures, and Mencea would sound like. Sadly, I recently discovered that the band has split-up - 7.75/10 ❤
38. Praetorian - To Dwell In Darkness
Blackened Progressive Extreme Power - Skipping between throat clenching black metal, cheese-laden extreme power, and folk-dusted acoustic interludes, this is a band that should be monitored by fans of the genre - I have a hunch that their follow-up opus is going to be rather compelling...aaaaaaaaaaaand they split-up - 7.75/10
39. Shades Of Black - Ocean
Instrumental Progressive Metal / Djent - Imagine Vildhjarta, Monuments, and Keith Merrow taking turns crafting catchy, adrenaline catalysing riffs - 7.75/10
40. Unjustly Labeled - Grotesque
Experimental Sludge Doom Metal - If you came in search of pulverisation in the form of crushing doom, look no further, although you may succumb to some form of emotional erosion sooner than expected. As far as I'm aware, these masochists are the sole pioneers within this innovative style. While uniqueness doesn't necessarily imply quality, the two go hand-in-hand in this scenario. The guitar tone is fashioned in a way which resembles that of djent, while the growling bass claws steadily behind the slow to mid-paced beat. The haunting symphony backed choirs and the susurrating screams pluming in the wake of the instrumentation render this album all the more merciless in it's path of inhumane, inexorable savagery. Truth be told however, once you've heard a few songs, you've heard it all - 7.75/10
41. Vampire Squid - Nautilus World
Progressive Tentacle Deathcore - Trying to fin this band into a Pacific genre is tough as they're quite literally all over the plaice. Whale sometimes the songwriting feels like a can of sardines - the band plying to clam as many reefs into one song - these buoys sure have some reel kriller chops. They drift in a proggy stream between tech-death, metal/deathcore, and clam death, with a splash of Persefone-ish jello-death. I'd rudder listen to this band's blend of contemporary ex-stream metal than any of the carp bands that plank around scales just to show off their tentacle playing. Also, these guys don't ply it koi with their lyrical content, and that's a bone us - astern attitude doesn't suit them anyhow. So water you waiting for - get onboard and trout the album! I await your comments with bated breath...if you catch my drift. Did I take that too far? I'm saury. Knot. #TILhow2pun - 7.75/10
42. Witch Ripper - _
Progressive Sludge Metal / Progressive Stoner Metal - Reminiscent of Mastodon's heavier era although stalwart fans of their debut Remission will be surely disappointed - 7.75/10
43. Absinthiana - Absinthiana
Extreme Progressive Metal / Progressive Metal - Track 1: Tool + Opeth. Track 2: Tool + Dream Theater. Vocals à la Primordial - 7.5/10
44. Acolyte - Alta
Extreme Progressive Metal / Progressive Black Metal - The missing link between Enslaved and Opeth with focus on the former. There are no blips in the refined songwriting, however it lacks that creative spark which makes aforementioned bands worthy of a much higher rating - 7.5/10
45. Akb'al - Of Darkness And Light
Alternative Metal / Progressive Metal / Nu Metal - Tool's softer, proggy, alternative, bass-driven riffs building into belligerent nu metal reminiscent of Mudvayne - or what little I've heard from them - with vocals escalating from cleans into deranged screams spanning the two. The album deviates from this pattern commencing on the 6th track, which largely features acoustic folk à la Amiensus. The album closes on an atmospheric/ambient track with light electronic touches. "Equilibrium" - one of two tracks available on YouTube - appears to be heavily influenced by Elegy-era Amorphis and is probably one of the best tracks on the album. The clean and gritty vocals may get on the occasional listener's nerves - 7.5/10
46. No Consequence - IO
Progressive Metalcore / Mathcore - Staccato and poly-rhythms. That's all I have to say about this album. Highly technical album and incredibly groovy at times. At times, they get lost in said technicality or meander into cheesy metalcore. It goes without saying that if you despise that you should probably stay away. Give track 9 a go - 7.5/10
47. Soldis - Age D
Experimental Metal / Melodic Death Metal / Pop Rock - Barring the styles I've used to label the band, there's not much more I could elaborate on. I feel obliged to point out the vocal talent displayed here, boasting a considerable range of styles. Unfortunately the album fails to live up to the implicit promise created by the opening/title track. This band is probably the least popular on this list - show them some love. Word of caution: this stuff can get quite poppy at times - 7.5/10
48. Retarded Noise Squad - Bananas
Extreme Experimental Metal - Apt name, if I do say so myself. For fans of Unexpect. The band has ambition, but they need to refine their style - 7.25/10
49. Spectral Tower - Spectral Tower
Post-Black / Atmospheric Doom - This is essentially atmospheric doom with post-black undertones and an uneven current of sludge seeping through. The vocals are a distant rasp and the reverb laden guitars sheath the music in a solemn - yet thoughtful - atmosphere. The occasional stoner riff fluffs up the riffage to prevent it from settling into monotony. The drummer spices it up with his tendency to heed his progressive metal counterparts - 7.25/10
50. Theatrum - Drapery (EP)
Progressive Metal - With extreme prog riffing, only the vocals stand in the way of the music being labelled as such. The female clean vocals with their operatic undertone are reminiscent of Floor Jansen's own, but without that "oomph". In fact, the vocals stand in the way of much more, like a higher rating, for instance. Best described as Opeth with overt theatrical and thrashy tendencies. Did I mention the feeble vocals? - 7.25/10
51. Juvenile Baroque Slaughterhouse - Gall And Wormwood
Instrumental Psychedelic Atmospheric "Metal" - You're burning through the recently re-released Twin Peaks series. In your apprehension during the final episode, you make a grave error in mistaking your bag of shrooms for popcorn. What do you do? Listen to this album, surely...While that mightn't be wise, this cacophony of psychedelic discord would well prepare you with an appropriate sound-scape for your imminent journey. Layering light, dissonant, distorted guitars with bouncy "surf" guitar tones with some smooth, slithering fretless bass weaving through. The drums occasionally reach a tipping point whereupon they draw upon extreme metal influences to bring you further mental discomfort. Sadly, the more memorable moments become a blur within a maze of pointlessly meandering passages - 7/10
52. Kung Foo Preacher - Kung Foo Preacher
Progressive Metal / Alternative Metal / Melodic Death Metal / Gothic Metal - Very interesting, but amateur at times - 7/10
53. Liquid Rain - Bright Obscurity
Progressive Metal - For fans of Dream Theater, Circus Maximus, and Symphony X. Did these guys manage to find the digital trash bin belonging to aforementioned bands? Simply put: they recycle riffs, but do it rather well. Expect all the typical elements: head-bobbing groove, cheese-filled passages, gritty vocals, quirky pianos - 7/10
54. Nexilva - Eschatologies
Progressive Death Metal/Deathcore - 20 August 2013. Born Of Osiris fucked up. It seems this band recalled - and attempted to mimic - the magnificence of aforementioned band's antecedent album. Unfortunately the album loses steam after a few tracks - 7/10
55. Lelahell - Al Insane .​.​. The (Re​)​birth of Abderrahmane
Brutal Death Metal - BDM seasoned with Middle Eastern spices - 6.75/10
56. Spherian - Forge
Ambidjent - Spacey ambiance? ✔ Poly-rhythmic instrumentation? ✔ Hearing riff after riff of poorly imitated D-jent ends up detracted more than it adds to the music. Let's put it this way, if they eschewed - or improved upon - that style, the dreamy ambiance would have skyrocketed my rating a full point - 6.75/10
57. Aeolist - Aeolist
Modern Progressive Metal - Not as in djent, moreso the 'core and technical elements along with the refined production - 6.5/10
58. Aethere - Demons
Progressive Deathcore / Technical Death Metal - 6.25/10
59. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NO RATINGS AFTER THIS POINT --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
60. AnovA - Diyu <EAST>
Ambidjent - A band hailing from experimental roots, they deliver the typically hackeneyed djent in a truly progressive fashion. The second half of the album - track 7 - the album takes a turn and focuses on the progressive aspects of djent, rather than poly-rhythmic wank. As such, I recommend said half over the first - see track 7 (this review is for their previous album, Omnis) ★
61. Arcane Roots - Blood & Chemistry
Progressive Post-Metal/Rock - Slightly heavier Mars Volta ★
62. Arcturon - An Old Storm Brewing
Progressive Melodic Death Metal - Progressive Dark Tranquillity?
63. Arida - Cenizas
Stoner Rock / Alternative Rock - Track 1 or 5.
64. As Light Dies - The Love Album Vol. 1
Eclectic Mineral Metal - Avant-garde extreme progressive metal which covers nearly every sub-genre of metal. Except for speed and doom. No one wants that in their prog anyway (this review is for their previous album, Ars Subtilior From Within The Cage) ★
65. Atlas - Seconds
Instrumental Modern Progressive Metal
66. Atrophy - Labyrinths
Progressive Technical Death Metal
67. Beyond Never - One Thousand Years
Progressive Gothic Metal - Honestly, I've never been able to identify gothic metal for some reason, but this is my best attempt at classifying this band. Gothic peeps, help me out.
68. Carnivora - Eternal
Technical Death Metal / Thrash Metal
69. Cast Of Mind - The Crossroads
Progressive Metal - Opeth taking a crack at standard prog. Listen to "Memories" and you'll get the reference ★
70. Chiral - Abisso
Progressive Black Metal - Black metal with inclinations towards proggy interludes. Also, I'm pretty sure the first track is some variation of doom metal.
71. Circle Takes Square - Decompositions: Volume Number One
Avant-Garde Post-Metal ★
72. Contrarian - Predestined
Progressive Technical Death Metal - Been done before, but they do it well. The technicality here lies in the guitar - as opposed to the drum - work, so this is pretty digestible.
73. Cryptomnesia - Primordial Oddity
"Extreme" Instrumental Progressive Metal - Intelligent, meticulous songwriting with most elements taken from death metal. ★
74. Damien The Cat - Glooming
Progressive Avant-Garde Post-Black - This is vicious. The dissonance builds an inexorable wall of aggression backed by hardcore (as in the style) vocals. The occasional ambient/acoustic interlude helps mitigate otolaryngological bleeding ★
75. Dead Alone - Nemesis
Melodic Death Metal / Blackened Death Metal - Not bad, but they'll need to spice it up if they want to get anywhere (this review is for their previous album, Ad Infinitum.)
76. Deconstructing Sequence - Access Code
Extreme Progressive Metal - Not sure what I make of this, but the diversity is certainly impressive ★
77. Distance - - I -
Modern Progressive Metal
78. Distress Of Ruin - Predators Among Us
Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore
79. Dustynation - Echoing Lullabies
Extreme Progressive Metal - For fans of Pain of Salvation and Persefone. Brilliant ★
80. The Echelon Effect - Sierra
Post-Metal - seems I never got around to typing this one in despite the links were there...odd...I'll write something soon.
81. Emblazoned - The Living Magisterium
Blackened Death Metal - Nothing new, but pretty decent. If you think most of the genre is stale, you will probably think this is as well ★
82. Empyrean Sanctum - Empyrean Sanctum
Progressive Power Metal - Pretty standard prog power with some interesting moments.
83. Evilness - Unreachable Clarity
Progressive Melodic Death Metal - Try track 3 or 5 out for size.
84. Exotic Animal Petting Zoo - Tree Of Tongues
Progressive Metal / Mathcore / Math Rock - Frenzied "math" driven music alongside progressive metal rife with tasty melodies. Start with track 4 ★
85. E1EN - The Sickening EP
Progressive Metal - Hard-hitting original prog. Much recommended for anyone into prog ★
86. The Fathomless Deep - The Fathomless Deep
Extreme Progressive Avant-Garde Symphonic Sludge Metal - What you'd expect if Unexpect and Mastodon joined forces...if that's even imaginable... ★
87. Fever Sea - Fever Sea
Progressive Post-Black Metal / Progressive Post-Metal - Be sure to check out both of their releases, they're quite disparate. The Enslaved influence looms over their latest opus, leaning towards the prog and "post" elements.
88. Graveyard - The Sea Grave
Old School Death Metal - For all of you living in the past…or just like that oppressive production. It's all there.
89. Grim Funeral - Abdication Under Funeral Dirge
Atmospheric Black Metal - With only one track under 15 minutes long (also the average song length), I hope you realise what you're getting yourself into.
90. Grorr - The Unknown Citizens
Progressive Death Metal - Fans of Gojira should be all over the band's oriental influenced counter-part. I've only heard a few minutes from their new album, butI think I prefer their debut, Anthill ★
91. Haunted Shores - Haunted Shores
Progressive Metal / Djent - Misha "Bulb" Mansoor. Mark Holcomb. Periphery. 'Nuff said ★
92. Hryre - Deaþ Þurhfaran Eftboren - Heretéam Fram Anweald
Black Metal - Merciless black metal with slight progressive tendencies ★
93. Imperial Gates - The Sound Of Human Fate
Instrumental Progressive Metal - Beautiful.
94. L'Inverno Della Civetta - L'Inverno Della Civetta
Post-Metal / Alternative Metal - The cover art has an owl. I love owls. This addition needs no justification. Fine…think Sólstafir with some bouncy alternative metal thrown in ★
95. Maeth - Oceans Into Ashes
Progressive Sludge Metal - For fans of Mastodon, Cult Of Luna, and The Ocean ★
96. Malicious Dream - Soil
Extreme Progressive Metal - ★
97. Mammoth - Polymorphism
Instrumental Progressive Metal/Rock / Fusion - Track two features guest vocalists, the only non-instrumental track and track 6 features a 5 minute drum solo. If you don't like the sound of that, or aren't a fan of virtuostic fiddlage, I'd avoid this.
98. Marching Mind - The Sickness And The Theory
Progressive Sludge/Grunge - Reminiscent of a grungy, softer Mastodon ★
99. Marrow Of Earth - Marrow Of Earth
Progressive Blackened Thrash Metal - Solid. Groovy ★
100. Matt Harnett - Enigma
Instrumental Modern Progressive Metal
101. Menz - Shakedown
Progressive Melodic Death Metal - Not groundbreaking, but pretty decent. Stay away if you're bored with melodeath.
102. Messenger - Illusory Blues
Progressive Post-Rock - Not really metal. Sounds like Devin Townsend's Ghost with some post-rock elements thrown in ★
103. Muerte Por Mil Cortes - Muerte Por Mil Cortes
Blackened Sludge Metal / Death Metal - This album is not your friend. It wants you dead. ★
104. Mystic - Grace
Instrumental Oriental Progressive Metal
105. No Home For Heroes - Fragments Of A Dying Sun
Progressive Metal / Progressive Rock - Kingcrow with a dark, Nevermore-like vibe ★
106. Olema - Riitti
Avant-Garde Extreme Progressive Metal / Symphonic Folk Metal - If you're looking for uniqueness and potential, this is it. The composer flirts with different styles of extreme metal in quirky manner, layering on some "symphonic folk" and dashing between acoustic and aforementioned passages.
107. Optic - Iris In
Progressive Metal - If you're into the progressive metal à la Dream Theater or Kingcrow, you should give this a listen. The band even dips their feet into the extremity of metal occasionally, spicing things up.
108. Orion - On the Banks of Rubicon
Technical Death Metal / Progressive Melodic Death Metal - This sounds like a progressive rip-off of something, but I can't figure out which band it is…someone help, it's really bugging me.
109. Paths - Beauty and Nihility
Psychedelic Atmospheric Black Metal - If atmospheric black metal is your thing, you can't afford to miss out on this experience. The production is lovely, with the guitars creating an aura through which the drums and vocals - clean and otherwise - filter through (this is a review for their previous album, Diminished) ★
110. Patrons Of The Rotting Gate - The Rose Coil
Progressive Avant-Garde Black Metal - Deathspell Omega with some prog elements thrown in ★
111. Peculate - Bouazizi
Extreme Experimental Metal - Employing a wide array of contemporary and non-contemporary styles and instruments to bring you absurd music for those with eccentric tastes. Unfortunately, said absurdity tends to detract from the songwriting rather than complement it...
112. Pitch Feather - Mountains And Tides
Indie Rock / Prog Rock - The closest this gets to metal is on track 9 - which isn't very metal at all. I can hardly call this prog rock. With that said, just listen to track 7. You will be blown away by the melodies and her voice. Reminds me of Avatarium's clean passages.
113. Plastic Mind Frequencies - Plastic Mind Frequencies
Instrumental Modern Progressive Metal - For fans of Animals As Leaders ★
114. Primo Vespere - Daylight Fading
Avant-Garde Extreme Progressive Metal - There's a lot to take from this record. This band is brimming with potential ★
115. Progtronic - Mortis Metallum
"Extreme" Instrumental Progressive Technical Metal - Frantic guitars combined with frantic programmed drums. Don't judge by the first track; it gets better...much better ★
116. Pterodactyl King - Pyroclastic
Progressive Deathcore / Djent - Those soaring clean vocals are the highlight here. I'm hoping that in the instrumental aspect of their music improves in the future to match the quality of aforementioned vocals...
117. Rannoch - Between Two Worlds
Modern Progressive Death Metal/Extreme Progressive Metal - A nice blend between what you'd expect of both genres (last 3 tracks are the best) ★
118. Red Rebel Patriots - Dominion
Progressive Metal
119. Sanguine Glacialis - Dancing With A Hanged Man
Avant-Garde Extreme Progressive Metal - Think a tame Unexpect with some melodeath ★
120. Sarvas - Sarvas
Progressive Sludge Metal - Some heavy, groovin' sludge.
121. Science Of Demise - Bloom
Progressive Death Metal - Adept take at groovin' modern prog death ★
122. Scientic - Empire Of The Mind
Progressive Metal - A modern blend of Symphony X and Nevermore ★
123. Scorned Deity - Adventum
Progressive Melodic Black Metal / Melodic Death Metal ★
124. The Shell Collector - Medusa
Progressive Rock - Hint: part of the reason why I picked this is the cover of a famous death doom band's song that you'll find in their discography ★
125. Shrines - Beyond God's Redemption
Progressive Death Metal - Formerly Diminished Fifth. If Akercocke calmed the fuck down: more clean vocals, more clean passages, more atmosphere, less blast-beats. Apparently they have a new album in the works.
126. Shores Of Null - Quiescence
Progressive Death Doom Metal - If you're bored of staple death doom, you've come to the right place. While there isn't much doom here, no matter; that space is filled with all sorts of other genres including black metal and epic doom ★
127. Silhouette - Theory Of Dream
Progressive Metal / Progressive Rock - Lovely atmosphere ★
128. Sithu Aye - Pulse
Instrumental Modern Progressive Metal
129. Skaldic Curse - Devourer
Avant-Garde Extreme Progressive Metal - So chaotic, yet seeps into your ears with such ease. Reminds me of a proggy Ordo Ad Chao ★
130. Sleepers Awake - Transcension
Progressive Sludge Metal / Stoner Metal - Imagine Mastodon with even more dynamics - from soothing clean passages to unruly sludge ★
131. Spectral Mortuary - Total Depravity
Death Metal - Violent death metal for the masses ★
132. Suns Of The Morning Star - Suns Of The Morning Star
Extreme Sludge Metal ★
133. Svet Kant - Loneliness
Extreme Progressive Metal - Okay. Some of this is really bad. However, there are some brilliant sections. I wanted the band to get some recognition so that next time around they'll hopefully tap into their vast potential and create something magnificent.
134. Syqem - Reflections Of Elephants
Modern Progressive Metal - Slightly softer Periphery ★
135. Synkronizity - Cultivation
Progressive Metal / Progressive Technical Death Metal - Features members that were/are members of Atheist, Shaolin Death Squad, King Diamond, Aghora, Pestilence, Cynic, and more! Review coming up.
136. Teramobil - Multispectral Supercontinuum
Instrumental Progressive Avant-Garde Technical Metal - It's a mouthful, but I couldn't describe it any other way. Featuring members of Beyond Creation and Unhuman, the high expectations that should ensue are met and not marginally ★
137. Thaclthi - ...Erat Ante Oculos
Avant-Garde Post-Metal - Their approach is one that experiments with all derivations of post-metal including sludge, doom, drone, and black metal. It's not really for me, but I thought it might be appreciated by some.
138. Toxic Grind Machine - Embryonic Emission
Progressive Industrial Metal - I'm no connoisseur in industrial metal, but one Bandcamp user noted that similarities can be drawn to Strapping Young Lad and Sybreed…so there's that… ★
139. The Ulex - Old Giant
Modern Progressive Electronic Metal - Textures' keyboardist's side-project featuring aforementioned band's vocalist, Daniel ★
140. Undertow - In Deepest Silence
Sludgy Hard Rock - To be honest, I'm not quite sure what this is despite that their style is quite defined. You guys will have to figure it out.
141. Unsacred Seed - Frontiers
Progressive Melodic Death Metal - Fresh as hell. While I prefer their debut, they just released an album in 2014 so maybe you'd prefer that ★
142. Urschrei - Dekadenz
Melodic Black Metal / Melodic Death Metal
143. Utopianisti - Utopianisti II + Utopianisti meets Black Motor & Jon Ballantyne
Avant-Garde Metal - Jazz! Jazz! Jazz! Diablo Swing Orchestra with more twists and turns! Most of the tracks I've heard are excellent, but if you're looking for the metal aspect, check out tracks 1, 2, 5, 6, and 8 ★
144. Von Hertzen Brothers - Nine Lives
Progressive Rock - For fans of Road Salt-era Pain Of Salvation ★
145. Vyre - The Initial Frontier Pt. 2
Progressive Black Metal ★
146. Walking Across Jupiter - Scent
Ambidjent - Someone put Periphery and Atoma in a blender ★
147. Winter Gate - Dis-Illumination
Extreme Progressive Metal - Dark and aggressive much like Ancient Ascendant with some Opethy passages.
148. Withem - The Point Of You
Another one for fans of Dream Theater, Circus Maximus, bla bla bla….with a tendency for heavy Symphony X vocals ★
149. Wizard Business - Battle Tiger
Bedroom Progressive Death Metal. Requires song-writing refinement, but you can tell this has potential.
150. Zelophilia - Lust, Loathing, & Love
Extreme Experimental Metal / Hardcore - More music from the whimsical Luke Kelly (see ...? and his eponymous band, Luke Kelly.) I'll write a proper mini-review soon.
151. Zombie Frogs - Awaken
Instrumental Progressive Metal / Fusion.

Disclaimer: All top lists are unofficial and do not represent the point of view of the MS Staff.
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Zaphod - 31.01.2015 at 16:25  
Written by Ilham on 31.01.2015 at 16:05

Spoken word is a genre.

Yeah, I meant that they should market it as that.
Ilham - 31.01.2015 at 22:58  
Written by Zaphod on 31.01.2015 at 16:25

Yeah, I meant that they should market it as that.

Yeah that was more for Hex.
LeKiwi - 14.02.2015 at 02:05  
LeKiwi - 27.02.2015 at 07:04  
Vampire Squid
LeKiwi - 02.03.2015 at 20:15  
Added with reviews:
Luke Kelly ❤

Coming soon with review:
Dead Season ❤
LeKiwi - 02.03.2015 at 23:42  
Dead Season - lost my notes, more details soon ❤
LeKiwi - 07.03.2015 at 17:52  
Barishi (debut, not latest EP - EP review coming soon)
LeKiwi - 08.03.2015 at 04:13  
Unhuman ❤
flightoficarus - 08.03.2015 at 18:08  
So I was listening to Torrential Downpour. First I was like

But then I was like
LeKiwi - 08.03.2015 at 20:12  
Written by flightoficarus on 08.03.2015 at 18:08

Well said! Glad you enjoyed it Incidentally I was just watching Futurama
psykometal - 08.03.2015 at 23:52  
Not to burst your bubble but these aren't really you're doing...

A Sense of Gravity - MSA nom
The Conjuration - R'Vannith review
Schizoid Lloyd - MSA nom
Serdce - MSA nom
LeKiwi - 09.03.2015 at 00:03  
Written by psykometal on 08.03.2015 at 23:52

Not to burst your bubble but these aren't really you're doing...

A Sense of Gravity - MSA nom
The Conjuration - R'Vannith review
Schizoid Lloyd - MSA nom
Serdce - MSA nom

Those were on this list long before the MS Awards and said review Plus, I don't take all the credit - I merely contributed
psykometal - 09.03.2015 at 00:14  
Written by LeKiwi on 09.03.2015 at 00:03

Those were on this list long before the MS Awards and said review Plus, I don't take all the credit - I merely contributed

But that's what I'm saying is that you had zero influence/contribution on these profiles being created. The one was added by Alex because he was reviewing it, the other 3 were added because they happened to be nominated for the final 10 in their respective MSA categories. None of them were added because they were on your list or because you asked for their inclusion.
LeKiwi - 09.03.2015 at 00:22  
Written by psykometal on 09.03.2015 at 00:14

But that's what I'm saying is that you had zero influence/contribution on these profiles being created. The one was added by Alex because he was reviewing it, the other 3 were added because they happened to be nominated for the final 10 in their respective MSA categories. None of them were added because they were on your list or because you asked for their inclusion.

R'Vannith found The Conjuration from my list - he probably wouldn't have reviewed it otherwise

If it weren't for my spamming this list and the music of those other three bands, they probably wouldn't have made it to the Awards bar Schizoid Lloyd which was posted a handful of times at most in the shoutbox before I added it. No one had heard of those bands before that
psykometal - 09.03.2015 at 00:34  
Written by LeKiwi on 09.03.2015 at 00:22

R'Vannith found The Conjuration from my list - he probably wouldn't have reviewed it otherwise

If it weren't for my spamming this list and the music of those other three bands, they probably wouldn't have made it to the Awards bar Schizoid Lloyd which was posted a handful of times at most in the shoutbox before I added it. No one had heard of those bands before that

Well fuck you too then.
LeKiwi - 09.03.2015 at 00:35  
Written by psykometal on 09.03.2015 at 00:34

Well fuck you too then.

Well, as long as you enjoy the music!
psykometal - 09.03.2015 at 00:46  
Written by LeKiwi on 09.03.2015 at 00:35

Well, as long as you enjoy the music!

That is why the Storm is the greatest metal community site on the interwebz.
LeKiwi - 10.03.2015 at 03:01  
Paths (new album)
flightoficarus - 08.04.2015 at 18:32  
Written by LeKiwi on 10.03.2015 at 03:01

Paths (new album)

Ahem, you know who I am going to say to add...
LeKiwi - 08.04.2015 at 18:39  
Written by flightoficarus on 08.04.2015 at 18:32

Ahem, you know who I am going to say to add...

On it as soon as I get my work never
flightoficarus - 08.04.2015 at 18:46  
Written by LeKiwi on 08.04.2015 at 18:39

On it as soon as I get my work never

LeKiwi - 08.04.2015 at 19:06  
Written by flightoficarus on 08.04.2015 at 18:46

No, but some adderall would be nice
LeKiwi - 15.04.2015 at 05:30  
Additions have been lacking of late because I've been really busy, but I just had to add this one band.

Added with review:
True ❤
LeKiwi - 06.05.2015 at 13:50  
Added with review:
LeKiwi - 09.05.2015 at 18:04  
Added with review:

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